Daniel Reurink

Freshman - 701 Points (August 8,1990 / Lethbridge Alberta Canada)

Cerveza - Poem by Daniel Reurink

Silent, I close, yet open; while
approaching, looming, walking; denial
rivers; flowing, long blue miles
along, to the, coastal reaches bile
tempest of chaos, tsunami's child
along Islands, Albion's wild
marigolds dancing, prancing; Artemis'sStyle
suggest all into a two-step-tune-file

I see, the Sea, while; blind around
waters rolling, waving to the Moon'sfrown
foaming; in Ares anger, Phoenix bound
yet in Atlantis, death doth surround
synergy; orbs of white found
within, deep, central, Zion's ground
creviced; callous'd torn soul; Heart'saround
glory: Adrest! Light imbues coloursprofound
Rayon; a central depiction; sky'bound
ocean currents, alluring, deep mounds
volcanic eruptions; Alligators speeda'bound
each fire, combust; smells viscoushound
magma flowing, creating; centralIsland's renown
as, subjenctive, I sing more verbs thennouns

moving, stilling, middling; as calmblue skies
Alchemical designs, golden ore refineslies
holding malleable images; flux of oldhighs
passions are balance, morning alive
each moment; atonement, rustling "bye"
dying, as feeling, a sensational my
this I, suggests, a wave-like; Iconfide
deep tempest stir slings ravaging indirections'; hope abides
in Light Hope Chapel; sustaining; realize
Heaven on Personal Essence, creates ahell demise
focus on now; how? Rest in your not-try
know, act, perform, play like it's yourprize
confines of time only restrictknowledge's size

greenery, tree's, a circular forestcommunity
animals, leaves, lakes, nature'seconomy
a niche, a town, hidden in the conformity
holding, a grasp of rapture, ; an enormity
of now, in which; betwixt, I transfix the minority
moving, still; I echo a majority
simple men make small step's for superiority
yet all men conclude; Racism is deformity
all equal, all laws simple: Spirituality
focus on equality; it's moveable; yet telepathically
calling us homage, God's upon Earth's neutrality
free-will must; take in all municipalities
of small voices, choices, confused in reality
as each killing; adds to Nature's fatality
each way; a motion of atom commonality
synchronization; word's in stupidity
yet Words are the Architect's drafting siddhi
in each, in all, Karma talks; nudity
were fearlessly naked, nakedly seriously
suspected crime's moves Virtue's ability
to perform miracles; attunement's credibility
swine to pearls, oceanic miraculously
Apollonian Dians, set loose; release

sing notes of motion's potential
each living Word; Judge's credentials
holding, folding, molding essential
as each, moves, conforms, suspenseful
artificial thoughts of dell's menstrual
blood veins, Scarlet letters, sensual
comforting wombs, netherword's are conventional
relax, support, multidimensional
opening gates, adroit, comprehensible
less is more, a version foundational
highway: Yahweh; symmetrical as illustration
new ways, when sways, equivocal
all is an expression; univocal
voices Heard, unspokenriddle'sEspañol
cerveza is disease, rational!
Paranoia leads to lies, correctional
centres only hindsight; hospitals
which; only see behavioural
each mind; designed; nervous situational
default setting; trauma's resentful
pain; Heart's feminine insightful
ending now, I common pause; reflectional
each persona; a mask; respectful
suggest your own; abide in relational
elements that are situational
natural things you will see; combination
so silent, seek your Heart's conceptional

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