Chacha Chaudhary's Forest Rescue Poem by Rohan Bendre

Chacha Chaudhary's Forest Rescue

Hiralal was a Friend of Chacha Chaudhary.
Hiralal was always looking for New Ways to Make Money.
Hiralal Visited Chacha Chaudhary's House
Chacha Chaudhary said.
' Your Arrival has Given me huge Amount of Happiness
What should be my Action to serve You with Willingness. '
Hiralal was pleased.
' Your Gesture has been so Worth to Appreciate
I would be so pleased if to make some Delicious Meal you will Initiate.'
Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu made Delicious Food for Hiralal. After The Meal Hiralal was Talking with Chacha Chaudhary.
Hiralal said.
' In no Time Huge Amount of Money will Fill up in my Treasure.
I will have so much Money Such that Every Moment of my Life will be Leisure.'
Chacha Chaudhary Requested to Explain.
' How Come Earning happens to be your Intention without any Real Effort's Assumption? .'
Hiralal Said.
' Mighty Amount of Diamonds are Reported to be Existing in the Forest.
Unless I don't find them I will not take Rest.'
Chacha Chaudhary Saw some Tools in Hiralal's Bag.
Hiralal said.
' Those Tools will Simplify my Mission
Cutting of Trees is an Obvious Inclusion '
Chacha Chaudhary Refused to Agree.
Chacha Chaudhary said.
' Huge Amount of Deforestation will put Numerous People's Lives in Trouble
Shouldn't you search for a Harmless Way as far as possible. '
But Hiralal was Adamant.
' Aren't Several Trees cut Everyday
Won't the Diamonds Profit me and keep my Problems away.'
Chacha Chaudhary Paused and went away.
Next day Chacha Chaudhary pretended.
' Yesterday I thought over and over again
I came to The Conclusion
In stressing Importance to the Environment There is no Gain.'
Chacha Chaudhary Brought forward a Game.
Chacha Chaudhary Said.
' The Quickest in Breaking the Pitchers filled with Water in an Allotted Time will Gain Lots of Appreciation.
But After Breaking The Pitchers All you have to do is to rejoin The Broken Pitchers
To Enable yourself in the Winner's Picture. '
Chacha Chaudhary Added.
' Not only should you Rejoin The Broken Pitchers But also Ensure Water doesn't Spills out from the Pitcher.'
Heeralal Laughed.
' Your Condition is that Farcical
Ensuring Water doesn't Spills out is way too Illogical. '
Chacha Chaudhary Smiled.
' The Idea of Breaking Pitchers without Spilling Water is Surely Impossible.
But Little do you know What Consequences will the Nature Witness if Cutting a Lot of Trees will you Enable? .'
Chacha Chaudhary Continued.
' Of What use will be the Profit
If to Ensure Good health it will prohibit.'
Chacha Chaudhary Continued.
' Not only will it put Several lives of the people in Trouble
But also A lot of Animals will be Endangered if the Questions left unanswered.
Someone's Gain is Someone's Pain.'
Heeralal realized his mistake. He didn't went forward with his idea.
All said.
' With Profit getting Foremost Priority
Vital is your Critical Stand If it fails to come in the Oblivious Picture
A lot of trouble to the Environment will happen if a Critical Stand we fail to Ensure.'

Saturday, June 5, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: forest,environment
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