Chacha Chaudhary And The Video Scammers Poem by Rohan Bendre

Chacha Chaudhary And The Video Scammers

Dacoit Jagga and Raka would Commit Robberies. They were Frequently Arrested by the Police. They were Released under the
Condition of one more visit to the Police Station for any Crime will result in Life Imprisonment.
Dacoit Jagga was Furious.
Jagga Said to Rakka.
' With Such Condition Imposed
Easy Ways to Earn Money have been Closed. '
Raka Suggested.
' A Solution to the Problem will have been Sorted Out.
When to Lure people by Promising them Cash Prizes we will reach out. '
Dacoit Jagga Disaffirmed.
' And Someone has forgotten his Brain Out. '
Dacoit Jagga Continued.
' The Futuristic Feature will be No Way Out. '
Rakka Explained.
' When People will have been Lured to make
Videos involving Animal's Tormentation and Exploitation.
Earning Easy Money will be an Obvious Assumption. '
Rakka Continued.
' With The Possibility of Bailing a Piece of Cake.
The Implementation of this Idea.
Shouldn't We Make? . '
Dacoit Jagga and Raka used Social Media to Advertise the Competition.
People Would Steal Stray Animals or Even Pets and Tortured them for Videos.
Raju was a Stray Animal Lover. He Would Feed them Daily. He was Concerned.
He Said to Himself.
' The Reduction of Strays is indeed a thing to Worry.
To Save Animals Shouldn't I Hurry? . '
Raju Remembered Chacha Chaudhary.
' With the Case Asking for Attention.
Who but Chacha Chaudhary to give the Solution. '
Raju was Surfing the Web. He Came across a Video.
Raju Said to Himself.
'Aren't This Pups Whom i feed Daily.
This Video needs to be shown to the Police Immediately.'
Chacha Chaudhary was Approached by Raju.
Raju Told the Whole Story.
Chacha Chaudhary Said.
' Due Deligence will have been answered the Solution Immediately.
When Several People will rush up to save the Innocent Souls Quickly. '
Chacha Chaudhary Assembled some people and took the help of Police to Confirm the Location and set up a trap to
Catch the Culprits. The Culprits Mentioned the Competition and thus Dacoit Jagga and Raka were Arrested by the Police.
Everyone Said.
' When it Comes to Wisdom
There is hardly any Competitor
People rightly say Chacha Chaudhary's Brain Works faster than a Computer. '

Thursday, May 12, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: animals,justice
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