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some scattered breaths
of bygone moments…

the blue tinge,
of the fallen petal,
seized by the ambience,
gathers in the vastness

Moments come and go,
Leaving their footprints upon my path.
The ambience that surrounds
Completes me.


The mist hangs in the air,
like some long lost remembrance.
Dawn takes birth,
in the wake


I am lost
in these alleys

The entire expanse-leaf of ether, thrilled,
with one dewdropp of eternity.

The sunlight of infinite life,

the ineffables hide your splendour,
and words mar your purity.
my expression of you,
lies in the vulnerability,

in the footnotes of my existence,
some unutterings,
clasped to my chest,
I weave as the distant image,


I see along the horizon, a distant cloud,

still, with a sense of contentment,
So purely white,

A poem is not the crowd of words
But the expression of the scattered Ineffable.
It is the overwhelming of a truth
Amidst the ruins of fact and fable.


They call me names,
They call me poet.
I am a simple fragment,
Of a forgotten thought,

The night
Spilled a thousand scars,
Bathed in its moonlight
Of indifferent repentance.

Spread your palm
and place me on it,
softly like a dew-drop.
Close your fist


On the cross-roads
of eternal being and
momentary indulgence.
of ultimate infinity

As I gaze into your eyes,
I delve into your being.
Travel in your overwhelming vastness,
in hidden spaces,


that grope for a meaning,
to seek the universe in itself,

In the destroyed essence of the flower petal,
takes birth Shiva.
and in the creative beauty of bud,
Brahma destroys himself.

A stuttering silence,
and some doubtful words.
a voice,
congruent with the wind’s whisper.

A subdued silence,
stretched over the corners of the universe.
A silent cry,
of some uninitiated imagination…

…and drenched in the incompleteness
of my own cognitions,
its you that I’m overwhelmed with.
and overdone with my own

Sarvesh Kulkarni Biography

Hi....I am an engineering student,19 yrs old, staying in Pune. I don't write poems...but they come to me....its like some vast void in the universe trying to express itself in the strokes of my poems. Honestly, i don't take any credit for them but I would be delighted if you could read them and find them enjoyable. Thank you.)

The Best Poem Of Sarvesh Kulkarni

An Insight...Probably.

some scattered breaths
of bygone moments…
The abyss of broken imagination.
I delve myself,
and drown in their fantasy.

What is real?
And what unreal?
I cross the boundaries of existence
and realize, that there were none.

In the flow of wanton life,
I gather the deathliness of it all.
And the oncoming darkness,
brings with it,
the joy of non-existence,
or the existence of joyless ecstasy?

Guide me….O lord….
to that place,
where I shall close my eyes,

……and see.

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Vaibhav Pandey 10 March 2009

Sarvesh, you are truly a gifted writer....I wish you all the best.....keep writing....god bless you.

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Eu Stress 19 November 2008

Keep painting the brightest hues of creative imagination. They all originate from the white and will eventually merge into the white. 'Maya' is a beautiful poem.

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