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Hi....I am an engineering student,19 yrs old, staying in Pune. I don't write poems...but they come to me....its like some vast void in the universe trying to express itself in the strokes of my poems.
Honestly, i don't take any credit for them but I would be delighted if you could read them and find them enjoyable.
Thank you.

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Vaibhav Pandey 10 March 2009

Sarvesh, you are truly a gifted writer....I wish you all the best.....keep writing....god bless you.

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Eu Stress 19 November 2008

Keep painting the brightest hues of creative imagination. They all originate from the white and will eventually merge into the white. 'Maya' is a beautiful poem.

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The Best Poem Of Sarvesh Kulkarni

An Insight...Probably.

some scattered breaths
of bygone moments…
The abyss of broken imagination.
I delve myself,
and drown in their fantasy.

What is real?
And what unreal?
I cross the boundaries of existence
and realize, that there were none.

In the flow of wanton life,
I gather the deathliness of it all.
And the oncoming darkness,
brings with it,
the joy of non-existence,
or the existence of joyless ecstasy?

Guide me….O lord….
to that place,
where I shall close my eyes,

……and see.

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