Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

Chapters Of Life Read In Earth Life Cycles - Poem by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

pain cripples enslaves
ancient shaman serves
gift gives pain remedies

speak with nature energies
reveal pain blockage points
seek ask esoteric vision cures

altered states of consciousness
achieved encounters interactions
sought answers received solutions

cracked life code universe mysteries
beyond thresholds of scientific societies
which rejects millennia mind journeys

ancient civilizations knew realities
still sealed to closed disbelief minds
science flat earth dead end concepts

science still locked in stillborn closets
manifest nature once read dreams signs
chapters of life read in earth life cycles

yes lucid spirit-world connections
runs more strongly in some families
capacity to see into other dimensions

realms walked in after lengthy years
extensive training in shaman universities
rite of passage not window brief limits

shamanism is circles learning lifetimes
not one life but all preceding lives
contributing to in healing giving gifts

shamanistic initiatory crisis
windows involving physical illness
keys sharp psychological crisis

wounded archetype healer heals
shaman she he undergoes sickness
to brink of death passage pushes

shaman becomes
sick to understand sickness
shaman overcomes

her his own sickness
experience holds cures
to heal future sufferings

spirit guide energizes
shaman enabling entries
to knowledge spirit realms

entry to spiritual dimensions
shaman for society heals
within spiritual dimensions

returning lost portions parts
of human soul from astral journeys
entrapment lost in puzzle voids

shaman cleanses excess
negative energies purifies
confusion soul pollutions

what place for shaman healers
in modern world conceptions?
what place for wounded healers?

psychologist Carl Jung describes
archetypal dynamic wounded healers
their place in contemporary societies

modern research reveals
interesting data on caregivers
belief stimulus of doctors nurses

even modern healers
have collective stimulus
to heal illness afflictions

modern healers nurture patients
seek cures for pain suffering distress
treat physical affects of wounds

medical experts
recent study results
73.9% of counsellors

and psychotherapists
experienced wounding experiences
one or more times

exact causes
suffered wounds
multiple diverse

but usually wounds
were stimulus

main categories
predominant abuse
identified types

as a child in families
mental ill-health as individuals
social family life adults

mental ill-health in others
physical ill-health as individuals
physical ill-health in others

bereavement issues
life threatening conditions
as wounding experiences

approximately 75% of care givers
modern fit shaman wounded healers
criteria in stimulus healing desires

Copyright © Terence George Craddock

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Complete version of the split images 'Beyond Thresholds Of Scientific Societies', 'Shaman Rite Of Passage', 'Shamanism Is Circles Learning Lifetimes', 'Shaman For Society Heals', 'Shaman Healers Modern Care Givers' and 'Modern Care Givers Healing Stimulus' by Terence George Craddock.

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