Charlie's Joke Poem by Mervyn Graham

Charlie's Joke

In the spotlight's glow, old Charlie stood tall,
With laughter echoing throughout the hall.
With his jest, a tale that sparked delight,
Each chuckle roaring into the night.

Once more he spoke, the same joke anew,
Yet fewer laughed, a smaller crew.
A third time it came, silence hung thick,
No mirth arose, the laughter did not stick.

Then came his words, profound and wise,
As tears welled up in some people's eyes.
'If laughter fades, why cling to pain?
Life's fleeting moments, not in vain.'

In whispers soft, his wisdom spread,
Through corridors of hearts it tread.
'Nothing lasts, not joy nor strife,
Embrace the dance of this translucent life.'

'I love the rain, ' he gently sighed,
'Where tears blend, the pain can hide.'
And as the raindrops fell from the sky,
His silent laughter captured the night.

So let all cherish every grin,
In life's journey, through thick and thin.
For in the echo of laughter's song,
We find the strength to carry on.

Charlie Chaplin, with silent grace,
Left words that time cannot erase.
In laughter's joy, and in its sorrow,
We find the hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Mervyn Graham (cc 2024)

Charlie Chaplin once told a joke in front of an audience..! ! Everyone laughed And he told it a second time, so only a few laughed. When he told it for the third time, no one laughed. Then he said beautiful words. If you can't laugh and laugh at the same joke, why do you cry and cry at the same pain and sorrow? So enjoy every moment of your life - Charlie Chaplin left a great legacy without saying a word or hurting anyone's feelings. We remember these phrases that touch the heart. *** Nothing in this life is permanent, not even our Problems. *** I love walking in the rain so no one can see my tears. *** The day you waste the most in your life is the day you don't laugh.
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