I Remember An Angel Poem by Mervyn Graham

I Remember An Angel

Rating: 4.5

I remember an angel
She cried in my sleep one night
Her Voice was all broken
Her spirit was in flight

She came to me
I know not why
Her life perhaps in tatters
But she came to me, that's all that matters

She seemed so lonely
Her heart broken, bleeding
Her voice weak
Silently pleading

What was I to do
I was astounded
Is this my angel
My calling

My love finding a home
At last
It seemed so sure
Love set in a cask

But strange things happen with angels
They bring a message heaven sent
Their charters sometimes obscure
The message blurred or bent

Yes, my angel found me
Why you ask, but not I
I place myself in God or whoever
I know they will not lie

So... my Angel did not love me
At least not in the human way
But we are a kindred spirit
This I am glad to say

So... if your angel come to you
Crying in the night
Don't be scared or frightened
Let your love be held in sight.

cc Mervyn Graham

A poem that came to me after a failed relationship, ask me about it one day. It's quiet the story.
Khairul Ahsan 12 May 2014

A nice poem 9/10. Angels do come with messages and guidance, sometimes intangible though.

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Susan Lacovara 03 March 2014

I believe it is best to always leave room enough in your life for the angels to play. Though their messages aren't always clear, their guidance can't be denied. Very much enjoyed your scribe. PEACE

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Thomas Vaughan Jones 06 February 2014

Very poignant Mervyn. It's remarkable how we humans share so many varying emotions. I think each experience must mould us into our own sentient being. Have a quick check at my Celestial Fantasy to demonstrate my meaning.

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