Mervyn Graham Poems

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The First Kiss

Warning... it's contains just a little 'adult' content.

Yesterday Is But A Memory

If yesterday is but a memory
And tomorrow is but a dream
That makes today our reality
But things are never what they seem

New Foundations

The world gasped as it witnessed
That evil act of terror and destruction
All eyes wide in horror and disbelief
Our minds racing, hearts feeling your pain

Time Shared

Our time together was so special
Our time has been so cool
From different walks of life
With contrasting paths to tread

I Remember An Angel

I remember an angel
She cried in my sleep one night
Her Voice was all broken
Her spirit was in flight

Love's Call

Love's Call

When love calls you.. follow
Even when her ways are hard.. open

My Turn

My hurt, my pain, my suffering
All brought to the fore
Fears, so long hidden from view
Tears, once so long dried up

Pale To Fade

These things you say of beauty
In truth it's spoke, not of her
but of needs unsalted,

From A Dream To A Heart

As I watch you sleeping
Hair cascading over the pillow
My eyes fill with tears
Your the one I've dreamed of

Empty Arms

I need love all around me
I feel it deep down in my soul
I want it to surround me
Before I get too old

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