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Warning... it's contains just a little 'adult' content.

If yesterday is but a memory
And tomorrow is but a dream
That makes today our reality
But things are never what they seem

The world gasped as it witnessed
That evil act of terror and destruction
All eyes wide in horror and disbelief
Our minds racing, hearts feeling your pain

Our time together was so special
Our time has been so cool
From different walks of life
With contrasting paths to tread

I remember an angel
She cried in my sleep one night
Her Voice was all broken
Her spirit was in flight

Love's Call

When love calls you.. follow
Even when her ways are hard.. open

My hurt, my pain, my suffering
All brought to the fore
Fears, so long hidden from view
Tears, once so long dried up

These things you say of beauty
In truth it's spoke, not of her
but of needs unsalted,

As I watch you sleeping
Hair cascading over the pillow
My eyes fill with tears
Your the one I've dreamed of

I need love all around me
I feel it deep down in my soul
I want it to surround me
Before I get too old


Beautiful in your splendor
Living with your assets in view
Interesting secrets still hidden
Riches in your touch and taste

The Best Poem Of Mervyn Graham

The First Kiss

Warning... it's contains just a little 'adult' content.

The kiss had almost a tentative feel
As if the gossamer wings of a butterfly
Silently had just brushed past
Nothing stirred

Except for the small flames
That licked at them both
Fanned only by their own sighs
Whispers within her saying, can I do this

The small delicate hairs on the back of her neck
Stood like soldiers, tickling but not uncomfortable
The stubble of his unshaven face was felt beneath her fingers, sensitive, alive

So long she had waited for this,
At times the longing was almost unbearable.
Compelled to return to the present,
She wanted to memorize every detail.

The very slight fragrance of his cologne
the silky texture of his hair
the 'outdoorsy' scent of his skin.
She pressed against his body

What she thought long dormant
Once again stirred to life
She concentrated once again on the things
She wished never to forget.

As his arms enveloped her
She offered no resistance
Pulled closer into his embrace
Tentatively, the tip of his tongue found hers

For one-second she felt alarm
But, quickly it was extinguished
Replaced with total surrender
Oblivious to all around her

Drawn into the sanctuary of his arms
Through a deep fog she recognized
The power in his muscles
As sinews started to show

His arms pulled her ever yet closer
The hardness of his body catapulted her deep
Deep into an engulfing inferno
Which she wished never to escape

Leaning into him
She sank ever lower
Into the flames
That licked at her body

Forgotten was the uncertainty
The shyness
In their place
Remained unbridled passion

Lower she sank into his kiss
Her tongue reaching for his
Doing battle
But yet giving

Her arms entwined about his neck
Her breath coming in shorter gasps
Lips upon lips
His hands traveled slowly down her back

With a soft moan
Placing his hands upon her rump
He drew her against him
She felt his hardness

His manhood
Pressed against her belly
she wanted him

Lost in the wetness of his tongue
And the sweetness of his lips
She returned his fervour

A melting pot of emotions
Played one against the other
Her nipples hardened
Under her silk gown

Her womanhood
Now throbbing with wanton lust
His mouth seared hers
Time eluding as their bodies fused

They breathed as one entity,
Both receiving, both giving.
Deeper into the spiral of love they dove.
Both knew, that never again, would they experience

'That First Kiss'

By Mervyn Graham

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