Cherry Blossoms Poem by Myrtle Thomas

Cherry Blossoms

Rating: 2.5

Cherry Blossoms

unavoidable the outcome is woe!
sight seeing destruction the Bible, tells us so
the solid ground crumbling as a cracker
on the planet we call home
' what affects our neighbor ' for no one is alone?

fearful sights unfold before our eye
as the children of Japan in terror cry
was the earth hungry as it swallowed
the residents alive?
in a country of great beauty, where the Geisha girl
and cherry blossoms thrive
the oceans belly swollen and still dangerously active
once a view painted on canvas calm, quiet and so attractive
now the device of death and destruction is humbling to comprehend
leaving us with the knowledge that for too many in Japan it is the end

this world so fragile and yet so fierce can surely stand her ground
and now seems to be avenging herself in actions and sound
beautiful Japan in your country and art!
know that in your distress we have you in our heart
' May the Lord care for Japan in this her troubled hour.'
Let us who are touched by this destruction pray for Japan
and thank OUR LORD that he will keep us all in his power.

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