Corny Kind Of Love Poem by Myrtle Thomas

Corny Kind Of Love

Rating: 2.6

Corny Kind Of Love

As warm as nectar on the morning flower
a romantic kiss in the night hour
words whispered against an inviting ear
soft breath mingle together to disappear
new found love each time we kiss
to feel a rapture so pleasant. we can't resist
our eyes behold that knowing look
as we recall the first kiss we took
nights and days are filled to the brim
with shared emotions deep within
time is the growth of true love for two
without one another, life would be cold blue
always a part of each others mind
with respect toward each other, easy to find

In this world kindness and love is a commodity
some never are lucky enough to find or share.
A lonely existence is a built up wall, that to some
people, self preservation from love and society is what they feel.
Fear I think makes people hole themselves up avoid contact
with people. In doing so they rob themselves and others from the chance
to know or love them. The old saying it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. And in this season the emptiness of being alone is to some most
overwhelming. A gift we all can freely give is a cheerful smile and a hello to maybe break
their pent up walls.

‎ 12/‎ 20/‎ 2010

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