Child Abuse Poem by Preston Mwiinga

Child Abuse

The government saw defilement in her
Her guardians saw great capital to enrich their family
Her teachers saw a powerful lawyer in her,
The sugar daddy saw a potential teen wife in her
Her study mates, See a brain buster in her
Her Elder brothers see a source for his bride price
She said NO!
They said yes!
Save the child from this shame, save her body from being
abused and defiled.
She sits in the corner with her hands folded and with pain
she sheds tears. She has nowhere to go as families now take
care of their own children only. Tradition says it is okay but the government says it is an offense. Running away from home to the streets will only make her be caught in the cold.
Out there she believes its more dangerous as she risks being
raped, smelling of dirty and going on an empty stomach for
days. With pain inside her she allows her guardians to traffic
her to a sugar daddy, a blesser in the name of early
marriage. She has been turned into a slave, a prisoner
As a little girl her guardians have sold her into slavery just
because they want the fortunes. To them having girl children
is prestige, it is great capital. Unlike other parents who
would write on their gates ‘Beware of Dogs' not because they
have dogs No! but because they want to protect their
daughters. But for these selfish guardians, they even have
the gats to put Chickens for sale because he wants to attract
men to notice his dependents. Sees capital in the little girl
but the government sees defilement in her because she is
government property.
The guardians have stopped paying for her education; they
have taken her for ‘Moye' a traditional ceremony preparing
young girls for marriage. They believe she now has to be
home doing the house chores and to be in the kitchen. They
have disturbed her education when her teacher saw a great
Doctor in her. They have opened her to the blesser who now
calls her a blessie as he is ready to be blessed. He believes
little girls know better how to preserve families.
The foolish elder brother goes impregnating different girls
because he knows that the sale of his sister into the infant
marriage as I call it will save him. He sees a life saver in his
foolishness, but the girls friends saw a brain buster who
always helped them find solutions to academic challenges.
A girl child was never meant to be kept in the kitchen. She is
not capital for marriage neither does she qualify to be
marriage material NO! When you sale a child into early
marriage, then you are now trafficking her. Respect the
dignity of a girl child because you are disturbing the entire
nation. Remember when you educate a boy child, then it is
just a boy you are educating but when you educate a girl
child then you are educating the entire nation.
Aba……….shhhhhhhhhhhh iwe yes nati Abash! , Abash it
now! . ……………………..Abash early marriage time is now.

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