I Know I Am Black Poem by Preston Mwiinga

I Know I Am Black

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Ine skiny yanga niija ya black,
Sisi zanga niza black.
Elo namansapato yanga naeve niya black.
But I am so proud to be born of a black skin.
Ndine munthu o kuda,
Munthu osochela
Call me a nigger if you want, but I'm not cursed
Of Gods creation,
Ndime mwana wa mulungu.

You don't want me closer to you because of my complexation?
You are not ashamed to diss me,
You tell me at I'm like a shodow of Guy Scot,
You warn me not to smile ati ndaba ndine otimbilila
Okay olo ukambe so, soche kwati ni promotion yaba
You despise me because I am of a black Skin,
You tell me that my origin is that of a monkey,
Well... Say what ever you want to, if I was to insult back I would have told you, your origin is that of a Pig kaili mupalana kwati mununanyonkelana.
Who told you, blacks are not human when we are intelligent beings.
So watch it.

Friday, September 23, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: black african american
Chinedu Dike 23 January 2018

Whether one is born black, white... is not important. What matters is that one is born a worthy individual. A witty reflection on racism. Thanks for sharing Preston.

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Rose Kanana 04 November 2016

We are all equal in the eyes of our maker. The need to appreciate ones skin is critical-it ain't a measure of ability.

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Elias Ng'ang'a K. 24 September 2016

Great one., a black man can do anything, no hatred needed, he can even walk on the moon if need be.

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Preston Mwiinga 24 September 2016

Very True Elias, so we must always fight segregation because we are all God creation. Thanx so much for commenting on the poem

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