Childhood Poem by David Bates


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Childhood, sweet and sunny childhood,
With its careless, thoughtless air,
Like the verdant, tangled wildwood,
Wants the training hand of care.

See it springing all around us --
Glad to know, and quick to learn;
Asking questions that confound us;
Teaching lessons in its turn.

Who loves not its joyous revel,
Leaping lightly on the lawn,
Up the knoll, along the level,
Free and graceful as a fawn?

Let it revel; it is nature
Giving to the little dears
Strength of limb, and healthful features,
For the toil of coming years.

He who checks a child with terror,
Stops its play, and stills its song,
Not alone commits an error,
But a great and moral wrong.

Give it play, and never fear it --
Active life is no defect;
Never, never break its spirit --
Curb it only to direct.

Would you dam the flowing river,
Thinking it would cease to flow?
Onward it must go forever --
Better teach it where to go.

Childhood is a fountain welling,
Trace its channel in the sand,
And its currents, spreading, swelling,
Will revive the withered land.

Childhood is the vernal season;
Trim and train the tender shoot;
Love is to the coming reason,
As the blossom to the fruit.

Tender twigs are bent and folded --
Art to nature beauty lends;
Childhood easily is moulded;
Manhood breaks, but seldom bends.

Chinedu Dike 19 April 2015

Beautiful piece of poetry, well articulated and nicely penned in poetic diction. Thanks for sharing.

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M Asim Nehal 10 December 2016

Indeed, the days of childhood can never be compared with those of adolescence or young and old aged......Life is playful in the hands of kids....

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David Pass 29 November 2016

Beautifully captures the spirit of childhood - learning and adapting. Need to encourage children and be gentle with teaching them. Thank you

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Michelle Claus 24 March 2014

Witnessing a scene in which a child's benign free spirit is clipped, it breaks my heart. I agree with the sentiment of this poem, give a child safe parameters within which to be free and creative. The form of the poem is okay.... Thank you.

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Biplab Chowdhury 24 March 2012

Simple poem, vivid and full of the joy of innocence.

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Teena Adrian 16 February 2020

Lovely poems. Lovely thoughts. Thank you.

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Afeef shanooj 11 November 2019

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Chinedu Dike 11 October 2019

Well expressed thoughts and feelings. An insightful piece of poetry written with conviction.......................

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Anishrubhan 10 July 2018

Super Poem

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Leela chatterjee 07 June 2018

The poem is not worth reading. A poet is born.He can not be made a poet.

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David Bates

David Bates

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