Chinaphas Seeks Hexie Shehui (China) Poem by Daniel Partlow

Chinaphas Seeks Hexie Shehui (China)

Should not a few die to save the whole nation?
Chinaphas once said in his Tiananmen observations.

Should not one man die rather than an entire tribe?
Caiaphas once said as he paid Judas Iscariot his bribe.

Well one man has died and it should have been enough.
No one else in the world ever need meet a fate so rough.

When will the ever mighty land of Lao and Tzu and Mao,
Accept the Three-in-One redemption of Jesus Christ, the one true Tao?

Open your eyes and ears and hearts to His message of peace and love.
And meet all his messengers with open arms, not suspicious shove.

For the true follower seeks not to undermine thy soul.
But to serve as lighthouse, that soul-ships may avoid the wretched shoal.

God has blessed your land with a great multitude of people.
Look to Him now and let every hand worship Him from wall and roof and steeple.

The Party has now repented of the Marxist desecrations
But return not to the black dragon or Buddhist abominations

Christ is the only true Tao, the only path to societal harmony.
So search the Gospel now, and at last you will find eternal hexie shehui.

hexie shehui: societal harmony (China’s communist party recently approved of religion as a mechanism for obtaining it - ending decades of official atheism) .

Dedicated to the Over One-Hundred Million Chinese Christians.

From Sunrise On The Mount - published on search Partlow

Daniel Partlow

Daniel Partlow

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