Raising Children Of Light (Not Razing Children) Poem by Daniel Partlow

Raising Children Of Light (Not Razing Children)

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The Fifth Command...

Children are to respect parents, that they may live long.
Parents are to love them back by teaching right from wrong.

As parents, we all do the best we can… or do we?
Have we succumbed to the secular Huey-phooey?

Without us, the daily bombardment of human hokum.
Could eventually blind 'em all and choke 'em.

Provide them love, security, wisdom, and healthy dinner plate,
And respectful empathy for neighbor, Lord, self, and mate.

Teaching not through words alone as the Pharisees,
But in every daily act of thy hand, and heart, and knees.

For who can do what is only told.
We are cast from our parent's action-mold.

So abuse them not with rant, or smack, or disrespect
Let not thy golf and gossip cause you to neglect.

The sins of the parent are carried unto the fourth generation
Because they are modeled in daily indoctrination.

And there is a down hill trend that we can trace.
What sins we tolerate, our children then embrace.

So let us demonstrate Caring, Benevolence, and Charity,
Gumption, Honesty, Faithfulness, and Pre-marital Chastity.

Commitment, Duty, Honor, Bravery, and Mirth,
Cleanliness, Sobriety, and Respect for the Earth

Talk frequently of Challenge, Priority, Organization, and Skill,
With a healthy routine, that all good things their cup may fill.

Dereliction is to fail to teach them what is right and wrong.
Before the Sirens of Sin enchant them with their song.

Limit and monitor television and the internet
Dark messengers are legion and will catch them in their net.

Children, act with love, respect, and helping hand.
And parents, do not allow Satan to seal them with his fiery iron-brand.

Excerpted from Sunrise On The Mount: Lulu.com search Partlow

Daniel Partlow 01 April 2011

Hope, 'Tsavah' is the word in hebrew, and it can be translated either command or commandment... in other words, they are synonymous... Dan

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Hope Spruill 01 April 2011

if you're going to put something from The Bible, make sure everything is correct. it's commandment. not command.

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Cj Heck 11 April 2007

An excellent poem, Daniel - so full of truth and wisdom! Love, CJ

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