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Howl Allen Ginsberg with Nebuchadnezzar’s
Prideful Madness-Lycanthropic
For this generation’s minds lie bleeding and ravished
in the streets of the libertine-philosophic

A multitude, yea, all of those with unclean spirits vexed,
Gather to Him to hear the Word which heals and protects.

Lifting up His eyes and voice, He taught upon the mount,

The Fifth Command...

Children are to respect parents, that they may live long.
Parents are to love them back by teaching right from wrong.

Why has Divorce
Become such a matter of course?
Currents of unyielding force
Deep is thy chaotic course…

Why chase the wind, when you can become it?
Carry the Spirit, be its voice, though others try to dumb it.
Sing the song of joy, when others only hum it.
Be the resonating harmony as angels lift the harp and strum it.

(From 1st/2nd Peter)

God has commanded the present heavens and earth to remain until the day of judgment.

There are at least 27 million in the bonds of absolute slavery
Every country around the world plays host to this industry unsavory
Though everywhere it is supposedly outlawed
In many places, the enforcement is terribly flawed.

Peniel Part 1:

The armies are amassing – but the Lord withholds his breath.
The prince of peace defends, but will we finally accept the lesson of his suffering and death?

What if I spoke all the many man and angel tongues?
Without love or charity, Id just be noisy cymbals and crashing gongs.

Understanding mystery and giving prophesy to the waters and to river;

And in the spring, when kings go forth to battle,
David sent out his army to destroy and besiege.
So General Joab took Ammon, and attacked Rabbah.
But he was not joined by his King and liege.

(From Job 40)

Hearken to the voice of thunder.
Rumbling spreads across a sky which has lost it’s cobalt hue.

A Poemhunter score of five point five
Is the rating that says - THIS POEM IS ALIVE.

This poem is beloved and disdained at the same time.

On Poemhunter you will see that many-a poem title
Has been perverted because of a lack of something quite vital

The poets demand that there works be listed in a certain order.

A coherent and rational world view is unique in Jesus Christ.
But there are many who have clearly been enticed

Into thinking that other paths offer a better world view.

Based on Psalm 82:

Oh you proud gods in black
Now you wage your attack

O'Neil mused 'When threatened by the pagan armies, Lazarus laughed and said
Ha Ha! Haven’t you heard Caligula, Death is Dead, Death is Dead! '

In the earliest days of the church wrote Justin the Apologist and Martyr

I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted,
Every high hill and mountain shall be thrown down assaulted

The rough places will be made plain as with a grate,

I believe In God the Father Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth,
I believe In Jesus Christ, His only Son our Lord, only Begotten of the Father, Born a Human Birth.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, The Communion of Saints, The Forgiveness of Sins' sentence.

My friends in Japan
Seeking Truth, Love, and Wisdom
Heed Kirisuto! ...

Corporate Externalities
Are Societal Realities
Producing abundant 'Goods'
But great 'Bads' and Banalities.

Daniel Partlow Biography

Forward to the Sunrise On the Mount Series: When I was a young boy, learning about God, I knew that some day, He would give me an important mission. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew in my heart that I had a significant role to play. I set out, at the age of seven to write a book comparing the theology and doctrines of different faiths. It turned out to be a bigger task than I had imagined. Perhaps my parents wanted me to be a little more grounded first, because when I asked them to buy me the canonical literature of every faith, I ended up with one little paperback with some conversion stories. I prayed for His guidance, and although I never heard and audible voice, I received in my heart an affirmation that in His time, he would reveal my ministry. Almost three decades have transpired since then. I have been exposed to many of life’s issues. I have made many friends of all faiths (and lack thereof) and cultures. Though I had moments of difficulty as I struggled with different philosophies, temptations, and competing influences, God has always stood beside me and affirmed me as His own. About five years ago, after the dot com bust, I was “forced” to move from my home town of St. Louis, back to the NY metropolitan area, where I had been 10 years earlier at the beginning of my career. I ended up with a long train & subway commute from Fairfield County, CT to NYC. Soon thereafter it got longer as I accepted a job on Wall Street (4.5 to 5.5 hours per day) . I was not fond of the commute and before long, my morale had dropped. But God has quite a knack for turning curses into blessings in unexpected ways. Although I had prayed for a new job closer to home, nothing suitable had arisen. That is when He chose to reveal my ministry. In the spring of 2005, I had been assigned to read 1st Cor.13 at my sister’s wedding. I goofed and read a different passage, before realizing the mistake, and switching to the right verse. Although it went off fine, I wanted to ‘make up for it’ and set out to poeticize this verse and give it as a gift to my sister and brother in law. My commute turned out to be the only time I had to devote to this task, but I found that it was a perfect time to sit quietly, reflect, and puzzle through it, until I had a good working rendition. I was so pleased and amazed at the glorious work God had wrought through my hands, that I decided to do it again, moving on to my favorite verses: the beatitudes. That was the turning point at which I realized what God had in store for me. He had taken what I thought was a curse, and turned it into the greatest blessing I could imagine. And in fact, this is not a gift only to me, but to everyone. I pray that this series of books blesses you as much as it has blessed me. Please keep in mind that this work, and His love in general, is not just for people who are already Christians. He is the shepherd sent to all the lost sheep, and encourages us all to share the light and blessings He has bestowed on us. Jesus taught that if we really love our neighbor, we are compelled by that love, to share His truth. In some of the pieces comparing doctrines and policies of the non-Christian and secular worlds, are meant to evangelize and correct, and for this I cannot apologize, because it is an act of love. Doubtless, not everyone will agree. If you are such, so be it, but I would encourage you to pray to the Lord for revelation and guidance.)

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Howl Allen Ginsberg

Howl Allen Ginsberg with Nebuchadnezzar’s
Prideful Madness-Lycanthropic
For this generation’s minds lie bleeding and ravished
in the streets of the libertine-philosophic

Your angel-headed hipsters of darkness marshalling
the hollow-eyed masses to their graves.
Israfel softly sings his damnable odes in the classroom
and o’er the air-waves.

Two hundred million saxes wail false laments
like the butchered-truths of the painter Francis Bacon
But when one prays at the altar of Damien Hirst
(or de Payens) just Who and what has been forsaken?

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