Christ's Unique Message: Love Your Enemy (No Other Religion Says This) Poem by Daniel Partlow

Christ's Unique Message: Love Your Enemy (No Other Religion Says This)

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Peniel Part 1:

The armies are amassing – but the Lord withholds his breath.
The prince of peace defends, but will we finally accept the lesson of his suffering and death?

The horsemen are called out - their mounts are ready and freshly shod.
Jacob, we grab and grapple with each other as you once did with Esau and the ‘Face of God’.

'The fate of the soldier caste is to fight Arjuna, for their death is pre-ordained.
On the battlefield at Kurukshetra, the false god Krishna once explained.

The Sikh Guru instructs his forces that when words do not avail
'Draw the sword and with flash of steel, thy enemy impale.'

'War is ordained by Allah so kill the unbelievers wherever you may find them.'
The Ayatollahs marshal their forces and in murderous lies they bind them.

Oh Ishmael, you champion archer, what is the value of all the arms and quarrels in your quiver?
When will you seek the true quarry whose blood doth eternal soul deliver?

And, though some Buddhists eschew violence – neither love will they show.
'He who loves 50 has just as many a woe.'

But the Baptist commands the soldier differently – 'You shall harm no one.'
And in many ways this law of peace is confirmed by God's only Son.

For how can an enemy be attacked and killed,
When we are all to love him with Holy Spirit filled?

How can enemy blood be spilled when Christ doth decree,
“Whatever you do, even unto the least, you do even unto me? ”

Shirley Hedrick 19 April 2007

Danile, That was a beatiful poem.Very well written. Amen Shirley

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Theodora Onken 19 April 2007

You do know your religion! Are you familiar with Bob Gotti? He too, is a vessel for Christ! I truly believe that is what you are in a most gigantic and beautiful way! Love your work...and The Good Book is my favorite read! Blessings, Theo

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Daniel Partlow

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