Choice? Poem by Saint Seven


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Oh Lord, why I ask once more..................
Why do I have the choice to choose?
Why Oh Lord this choice I make?
Why have You chosen me to choose?

A burning wish consumes within...
That if I had only one choice, Your choice I'd take.
Wondering.... wondering how my life would be if I had chosen you every time choice showed it's face.

And now I sit, faced with this life
A life I and now to live it I must
Lord, why am I so human?
Weak and broken, through this I stand not

For if I stood, I'd stand for you in truth and in full
But frail and brittle my legs remain
And the many tears shed fall in vain
With every failure a guilty sorry is said

Oh Lord, how many times have I apologised?
How many times have I hurt your heart?
Yet every day I wake to breath in my body and for this, Your mercy I will never understand
In Your mighty hand I am kept and my life you spare for what?
The gift of life saw my first day and since then, I have lived....

Have I not? ? ?
But Lord, many days the wrong choice I made and still my Father You are today.
My heart is torn and tears it pours
For You love me still, through all my flaws

Oh Lord my God, my heart is Yours but my flesh haunts me with vicious claws
Your strength and love is the prayer I pray
For life screams at me with a frightening snare
Happiness! Speak now of your secrets, shine light upon the path you have taken for I am imprisoned by choice.

Lord God, do not forget me for this hour I choose not!
My hope and faith remain in You for this choice I yearn to make...

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