Saint Seven Poems

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Morning heals what the night has broken
From dark to light with words unspoken
What the night has woken, the sun lays to rest
Rays of light hunting the evening's nest

Grace Sufficient

They bear the scars of troubles and trials
Life-long journeys, having travelled many miles
Come dust, come rain, through heat and pain,
they stood the test to be tried again

Words Unspoken

How can a selection of words stand worthy of this task?
For even if words spoken so sweetly, even vaguely formed the image of you, they would not scratch the surface of your true wonder.


Oh Lord, why I ask once more..................
Why do I have the choice to choose?

Why Oh Lord this choice I make?

Take This Life

Greeted by day with a light to my eyes
Focusing for just a moment only to realise that a new day has come

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