Take This Life Poem by Saint Seven

Take This Life

Greeted by day with a light to my eyes
Focusing for just a moment only to realise that a new day has come
And agonised by routine, my day starts...
Why are days duplicated? Cloned to be the same.

Or is it us that duplicates them?
This desperate desire for something more permanently resides in my heart.
Is this it? Is this what they say it is?
Then why do I find it so difficult to believe?

A voice calls out to me and no rest I find
For I know this day is meant to be different
My purpose I know not but I am sure of this
That what I am now is not my destiny.

The tasks and functions I carry now are not mine to carry
And there is work to be done where I am meant for
But this place I cannot find and directions I see not
My conclusion persists.... I am found yet lost

So each day I live tormented by this life I reject
I cannot accept this that I have been given
I am grateful for the love I have and the blessings bestowed,
But there's more to me than this world can offer

And so a flower I remain
Neither blooming in beauty nor standing tall in a field
I am a flower beneath the soil, my petals not shown
What use is a flower if its pollen is hidden?

These shackles that surround me, they're much to tight
A ball and chain to my promised stride
And even though discouraged and angry I am
The grip of my hands shall not grow weak

I shall hold on and never let go for this is all that I have left
To have everything in this world would mean nothing to me
For emptiness I fear more than poverty and strife
To you I look for the life you give is the life I want

To live a day in the picture you have painted
Would be to live that day in fullness and splendour
To be rid of this sawing nag that kills my soul
To be placed in purpose, to see my goal

This life I have now, I offer in an instant
In exchange for yours that you give in return
Each day a brand new day, different from the rest
A life of meaning...life at it's best

Ben Gieske 27 August 2007

The words rhyming with eyes sets the tone of sameness (a dazed state) . It is my realization that no matter what we have achieved we always arrive back at this point and, as you conclude, the answer lies with someone else. I like the 'sawing nag' and 'a flower I remain'.

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