Chosen By God To Be King! Which Deity Was That: Yahweh, Christ Or Allah? And Precisely When? Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

Chosen By God To Be King! Which Deity Was That: Yahweh, Christ Or Allah? And Precisely When?

By Stanley Collymore

For crying out loud the
British government
and the churches
in the UK: those who're installed
in them and have any genuinely
rather reasonable semblance of
intelligence, or a normally basic
concept of responsibility, surely
that is, must know that there is
basically no place either in the
just, or acknowledged modern
world, for a literally antiquated
monarchical elitist corporation
and to be crucially, condoning
this, so evidently, hypocritical
circus is undoubtedly criminal.
Specifically also if only for no
other reason - though clearly
there's a surfeit of them - not
a solitary one, from amongst
these monarchical clowns or
their loyally, fawning 'chums'
have any decent morals and
while their heads are frankly
all in in their simply naturally
selfish egos their minuscule
brains however are crucially
positioned, in their posterior.

Not all traditions, real or
undeniably imaginary
ones, are essentially
worth preserving and the asinine
belief, of the literally divine right
of kings or queens, this one most
rightly so in the natural fictional
category, although basically, still
alive and distinctively also quite
well, among those brownnosing
monarchical Brits, and similarly
too their overseas genocidal kin
is never the less quite ludicrous
in extremis! Aptly 'Our nation's
tradition! ' Scream these clearly
monarchically, inured, fawning
plebeians, readily conveniently
and undeniably short-sightedly
living in their own ardent state
of denial; patently deliberately
refusing to really countenance
far less accept their perceived
esteemed rulers, have awfully
been rather fervently, rubbing
their dutiful peasants noses in
it for centuries; essentially so,
as their fitting contribution, to
Britain's evidently, farfetched
'superior', traditional history!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
26 March 2023.

Author's Remarks:
The ignorant Brits and their likeminded kin never learn, do they? But quite self-evidently, when you're unquestionably that intellectually challenged, as they patently are, it's quite an arduous task to remedy, isn't it?

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