Christ Is On My Mind Poem by Luke Easter

Christ Is On My Mind

The thoughts of Satan never end,
Neither do those of Jesus Christ,
Are you going through trials and tribulations?
Seemingly drowning in the breath of life?

Have you ever had a test in school?
Where you had to cram all night?
This is the exam you’re in the middle of now,
Distinguishing wrong from right.

The devil doesn’t require a perfect score,
All you need is one that’s incorrect,
Once he gets you on his losing team,
It’ll be easy to keep up the neglect.

I’ve mentioned before about the narrow gate,
How about the one that’s wide?
What kind of advantage could there be?
When you have the devil on your side.

Eternal damnation in hell with Satan,
Suffering endless pain and grief,
Not even the devil himself will be smiling,
There will never be a chance for relief.

On the other hand with Christ on your mind,
Always you’ll have happiness, joy and peace,
A place of glorious sights and untold riches,
All enemies placed beneath your feat.

Is this really a hard choice to make?
I know the difference we all can see,
Just ask yourself one simple question,
Forever, where would you want to be?

With no one never again able to hurt you,
Or anyone who resides in the kingdom of Christ,
Oops! Sorry, It’s time to go.
I have to study for a test tonight.

Luke Easter

Luke Easter

Cleveland, Ohio
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