Christmas Is Coming

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Christmas is coming
the turkeys' are getting fat
no one has told them
why we're doing that.

Christmas is coming
the stores are full, they're packed
with so many shoppers buying
buying this and this and that.

Happy holidays I call out
in case a passer by
is offended by an exclamation
that has a religious connotation.

Christmas is coming
the party dates are set
in a disco or a restaurant
some smart venue I should bet.

Christmas is coming
the supermarkets have a boom
of stuffings for a nation
that eats more than enough for two.

Christmas is coming
the children are all a quiver
with the expectations
of what Santa will soon deliver.

Christmas is coming
to celebrate and praise
in choral voices
ringing through the naves.

Christmas is coming
as it does each year I've found
ever since I can remember
it always comes around.

Christmas is coming
as it always has
and I am truly thankful
for the message that it packs.

Christmas is always
and never ever goes
if in your heart you treasure
the day that God, he chose
to send a baby; Jesus
to end the pain and woes
brought on us by forgetting
the way that Jesus shows.

Raj Nandy 16 November 2009

David, your poem brings the message of hope and good tiding! I read this poem at the right time and during the right season! 10! -Raj

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Meggie Gultiano 03 December 2007

a beautiful Christmas message, David

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JoAnn McGrath 03 December 2007

I like your Christmas message too David...: O)

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Tom J. Mariani 03 December 2007

For Christ's sake? It that what all the fuss is about? Sadly no. Thank you for reminding us what we should be thankful for as we eat, shop, wrap and deliver. Tom

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