Cinderella Poem by Loraine Lotter


Rating: 4.2

If my name was Cinderella
You could be the prince
I could wear my sparkling prom dress
We could fall in love the moment our eyes meet
If my name was Cinderella

If my name was Cinderella
We could have a song
And dance in the silver moonlight
You could hold me tight and spin me in the air
If my name was Cinderella

If my name was Cinderella
You could pick me up
In your gold and diamond carriage
You could be the hero of this fairytale
And I could be the one
If my name was Cinderella

But I can't breathe, whenever you're with me.

Can you feel my heartbeat in my chest
It's getting faster every second
Time slows down, you are better than the best
But would you feel the same
If my name was Cinderella

I can't breathe
‘Cause I'm not Cinderella
Until you're here with me
I'm not Cinderella
You touch my lips
I'm not Cinderella
Then you show me with a kiss
That I'm your Cinderella

Taylor Cullen 19 March 2012

Love it! ! ! ! It was beautiful to read! ! ! !

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Monet Al-amin 07 June 2012

Love it! Written beautifully!

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Angela Bahareva 07 February 2013

It sounds like great lyrics to a song

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Holly Dvergsten 11 March 2013

overall the poem is good, however the first stanza is a little rough HD period 4

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Sarah Gordon 15 October 2013

love it! ! ! ! ! you worked hard on it

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habiba 04 February 2018

wow this poem is the best poem I have ever saw in my life!

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Evangeline Eva 04 January 2015

Ok..this is realy realy great! Congratulations! I loved it and it remined me the feeling of being in love...

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Jeremy Ryan 27 August 2014

A tight story. Well written because of its sharp point! I like it.

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Sharilynn Reaser 20 August 2014

That's so sweet! It reminds me of what it's like to be young, going to church dances, hearing those songs that made you die/melt inside and the whole starry eyed magical experience of it and, what was for me, youthful crushes!

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Rameen Shahid 12 August 2014

But I can’t breathe, whenever you’re with me. Can you feel my heartbeat in my chest It’s getting faster every second two different things...but overall its great! :)

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