Cloud Of Your Love Poem by Sven Rhoads

Cloud Of Your Love

Your smile once shined like the golden sun
Now the skies are painted so gray
Your hand held in mine so soft and warm
But now I feel that you've slipped away

And over me its raining
The tears are now staining

I dont want to live under the cloud of your love
When sorrow is all that now fills your heart
I will find a way to bring back that spark in your eyes
We will find that light to banish out the dark

Your touch used to set my soul on fire
The passion and desire consuming me
Now it seems that your laying on the pyre
I wont let your velvet skin go so cold

Our love is now straining
We must keep it remaining

I will dry your eyes before they shed an ocean of tears
I would pull out the stars for you just to keep you near
Will you take my hand and put your trust in me
For I will be your weapon for casting out this misery

The cloud of your love keeps on raining
I can feel your heart is draining
Fear not my only one I will one day set you free
From every raindrop that keeps falling down on me

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