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Cocoon - Poem by kite remedy

I'm lying on the floor in this sweet slippery body,
My shell is all, but lovely and tainted with the touch of your hands,
And my lips is still wet from the touch of your lips,
Hope you don't get the glimpse of the state I'm currently in,
I don't think it's miserable,
I'm just afraid you do
I tend to be positive,
Even with all the lies I notice you feed me with,
Still I believe that sometimes later,
You'll get here and fetch me,
Cracking my cocoon open and free me
Stupidly I still wish you'd care for me
My heart is not broken, though ‘leaving' you is disheartening
Nevertheless, it takes time to recover
I'm weak
I can barely move my limps
My legs,
My hands
They're not as obedient as before
And in this cocoon,
Clammy from our combined body fluids,
My body becomes restless and petrified
This time, though I don't want to admit it,
The touch of your memories stimulates me abruptly,
And I move feebly,
Flick and flip,
Squirm and scratch,
Surely, imagining you might be out there caressing my back
It is as though your fingers are really out there
As though staring out of a window and hoping it is your face that smiles to me
And so inside,
My secondhand heart is waiting for the moment to bloom again
From outside,
The surface of my shell is labeled by your name,
No one will ever pick me up again,
I let you have me as possession,
I let you treat me as a your hearty property
Our sweet relationship is bizarre,
But we never complain over one another's presence
I crawl on my knees,
And you kiss and tenderly hug me from above,
Placing me on your chests,
Shall I remember it, now?
I don't know if I can get out of this skin now you're gone
If a butterfly could return into a cocoon,
That would be perfect to depict me now
I wonder to where my tattered wings are blown by the winds,
I wonder when I will grow a new pair of wings and fly again
These lonely days seem to prolong
Every time I read the name I put on my skin
Then, I'll freeze and I know I'll be the one, who feel it cold,
Without you, it's always a mundane sleep for me
I hope,
Little by little,
This feeling, Oh, I hope, begins to peel up from its place
And, oh, a brilliantly flying butterfly again
Until then,
I'll rest my head and just lie here,
Hoping that every now and then I'll eventually forget the name I used to love
And as always, I begin to dream what it is like to be flying again
So someday,
Someday the scars in my back will grow up a pair of wings where they are torn off before
Someday, oh someday, someone will remove your name and put her on my skin
Someday, I'll let myself forget who you used to be to me and let my secondhand heart belongs to someone else,
And someday, I'll be more than only watching the sky from inside this shell,
So, someday, my cocoon will break open,
Oh, someday,
Someday, these boring days will, sooner or later, come to an end
And, I'll be beautiful again..

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