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I plunk at a beach,
silence herein,
I am, bit by bit,
shredded by winds

An evening walk,
just after both of us talked.
I walked her home afterward,
through a breezy boulevard.

these boughs and branches
revelry at the midday,

Holding hands,
beach's white sands,
an evening walk,
an overnight talk,

I sit before a frame
It's empty and it's not the same
Picture there is none
Better if there's one

Hello, Honey
how have you been?
I know I can't be near,
would you just forgive me?

The love today,
is it what we try to find?
Does the world force us to fight?
Does it feel right

That day,
when no one's there,
I stand at that street.
Engulfed by the morning breeze,

With my point and middle fingers
I cut off the thread
of cynical hatred and
of thwarted revenge

He's alone
singing a song
so sad
he's cursing like mad

heart is an egg
waiting to hatch
saved in a nest
cared at best

first word is 'hello'
that it writes me
the following are so mellow
so sad, so heartily

night sky I stare at
'ends, now it ends'
i murmur and be still
be silent and tranquil

He dragged his feet behind her,
from a heaven where they were
since everything did fail,
in this erroneous fairy tale..

As a leave dropped on his forehead
his vision was simply led
by a carriage on a dusty road
carried a splendor hidden by a coat

of red colors,
a full moon,
oh, blooms

Love is a language
shouted so hard
or whispered softly
by a lover's heart

An orange photograph
painted on the sky
a canvas far and high
my thought then flies

he started to drag
his feet, his luck
in the carriage was a princess
he was no more, no less

dear friends,
how's your life?
it's been a while since I heard you laughed,
I, sometimes, dream of us so clearly,

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A student in a literature department of a city in Indonesia.. A lover of beauty, rhyme, words, and thought.. A struggling soul in a wave of changes and the revolving earth... A flying aimless kite searching for an answer.. A broken winged being with a mind and a imagination..)

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! ! Were I In Heaven, We'D Be Able To Dance Together! !

I plunk at a beach,
silence herein,
I am, bit by bit,
shredded by winds

I pause all alone,
nowhere to go,
as if I were lost,
in a crossroad

Fall on my knees,
and it is you I see
dancing gracefully
in a place I can't be

Flash before me,
our memories,
I close my eyes
and it's I perceive,

But, piece by piece,
those memories,
fading away,
leaving me at a bay

Silence hurts me,
tears me apiece
but inside my heart,
there goes a story

won't ever last,
though my body
is torn apiece
by winds before me....

'All of our trance,
won't ever end
Until we can dance,
together again'

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