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Collecting Poems After Breaking Up

i love you with the depths of my soul and the blood in my vains. each part of me heals emotionaly becuase i have you to think of.
life kicks me so hard sometimes and i wonder if i should fight back or just take it.
but you give me power to overcome and i know i'll see you and smile. you are my girlfriend and someday you will be my wife.
i have never felt the way i do when i am kissed by your lips. each moment apart only makes our next time we meet even sweeter.
I wish i could spin the moon and fast forward to when we are 18 and just take you away from all of this.
I can't stand this world but i won't let it end untill i place a ring on your finger. I love you, I love everything that is possiable to love about you...
which is everything. and i will hold your hand untill our skin wrinkles...
I will kiss you untill our teeth are fake and i will hold you untill a casket sepreates us.
and even then i don't want to be away from you...
i told you before i want to die in your arms and no where else.

I can't bear wakeing up to someone else but you.
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Pam Badillo 08 May 2006

I so love you poem! Great writing!

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