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With each day I grow up a little more, Wiser in time some would say. These poems, though my curse, are my gifts from all of my failures.

Below are ways to contact me. I truly appreciate compliments or criticism.

(e-mail) In_vain_666@hotmail.com
(Blog) www.Xanga.com/Fake_karma
(Blog) www.myspace.com/Fake_karma

Ray Mesa Poems

You nervous laughter, It refrains
If for one second it ended, I’d surely go insane
And nothing that’s passed the stars has inspired me before
Till’ I saw a robin passing around the glow

Reflections Of A Busy Street

Cars speeding in each direction
Some are busy, Some are late
Some are new kids giveing rich impressons
Some are white knuckle deamons filled with resentment and hate

{ Kiss }

I was walking home one night
And I feel down a manhole
I screamed until I saw the light
I reached for a hand to save me from the hell hole

Ciggerete Burns

She walks on clouds
But that means nothing to me
She could walk on railroad tracks
I could care less

The Art Of Holding Hands

I. Lip synch

It’s our second date
And at this rate

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