Ray Mesa Poems

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You nervous laughter, It refrains
If for one second it ended, I’d surely go insane
And nothing that’s passed the stars has inspired me before
Till’ I saw a robin passing around the glow

{ Kiss }

I was walking home one night
And I feel down a manhole
I screamed until I saw the light
I reached for a hand to save me from the hell hole

Reflections Of A Busy Street

Cars speeding in each direction
Some are busy, Some are late
Some are new kids giveing rich impressons
Some are white knuckle deamons filled with resentment and hate

Ciggerete Burns

She walks on clouds
But that means nothing to me
She could walk on railroad tracks
I could care less

The Art Of Holding Hands

I. Lip synch

It’s our second date
And at this rate

Senior Citizen Section Of Heaven

We all gather around, tossing cards, flipping over checkers to make kings
Sit around and talk about all the good old things
I used to be a football star, Jackson used to be a running back
Too bad none of us could last

Old Friend, How Far Down Did You Fall (True Birds Can Fly)

Old Friend, My My You've lost it all
Old Friend, Worst of all
You lost me

I'M Sorry You'Re Just Not My (Daguerreo) Type

Writing poetry on sidewalks
and tapping this rhythm to the steps you walked away
Singing sonnets on railroads
and drumming / the number/ of tickets you bought

Table With Three Legs

You can't eat food on a table with three legs
So my family use it to pile the letters from the bank
And you just can't get jet leg
when you are so below the rank

Bury Me, Bury Me

Awfull facts, Nooses are tied
This reason, This reason is mine
Simple rules, We wished to fallow
Two little hearts, Kind and hallow