Ray Mesa

Rookie (5/17/89 / Grand Forks)

Ray Mesa Poems

1. Ashlee, Your'Re A Angel 5/8/2006
2. The Cat Shows, The Cat Runs 5/8/2006
3. I Get It And I Quit 5/8/2006
4. First Base On The Dance Floor 5/8/2006
5. Frown Upon Me 5/8/2006
6. Just Like Rain 5/8/2006
7. Rose Oil 5/8/2006
8. God Smiled 5/8/2006
9. Unstable: Treatment Poem Collection 5/8/2006
10. Sidewalk Revisited: Treatment Poem Collection 5/8/2006
11. Fear Of Waiting: Treatment Poem Collection 5/8/2006
12. Signing On The Line 5/8/2006
13. Swing The Rope: Treatment Poem Collection 5/8/2006
14. Broken: Treatment Poems Collection 5/8/2006
15. It Bears Repeating/ How To Erase A Emotion 5/8/2006
16. Slow Dancing In Snow 5/8/2006
17. Robin Robbing/ Dispair Despair 5/8/2006
18. Wie Um Eine Leiche Zu Verstecken 5/8/2006
19. Sleepover In The Cemtary! 5/8/2006
20. Your Turn (Hello Amanda Pt.2) 9/13/2006
21. Pill Of Zodiac 9/22/2006
22. Sleeping On The Pier, Wakeing In The Lake 5/8/2006
23. I Saw My Wife Today 5/8/2006
24. You 5/8/2006
25. A.S.H.L.E.E (As She Holds, Little Escapes Escapes) 5/8/2006
26. Open Fire On A Sweet Sixteen Party 5/8/2006
27. The Problem With Breaking Up A China Girl Is The Fact That You See Her Everywhere You Go 5/8/2006
28. Trigger Horny 5/8/2006
29. Head Down 5/8/2006
30. My Confession 5/8/2006
31. Man Without Hands 5/9/2006
32. Ashlee, Read This Before Midnight 5/9/2006
33. Bread Mold (Cold Cillia) 5/10/2006
34. Last Song (Leaning Against The Wall) 5/10/2006
35. Skip, Fall, Repeat 5/10/2006
36. Dear Tomarrow 5/11/2006
37. Screened By Laurel 5/11/2006
38. The Greatest Sound Ever Is Of An Incoming Helicopter 5/14/2006
39. Triple Ex: Sarah 5/14/2006
40. Outloud 5/16/2006
Best Poem of Ray Mesa

I Fall In Love Way Too Damn Much (Eyes Like Northern Lights)

I know a girl that laughs
And the clouds open
I know a girl that smiles
And makes the moon look like a wet candle
I know a girl that has skin like a ghost
And eyes like the northern lights
I know a girl that has a Shawnee Smith Smile
And lips like Marilyn Monroe

She's none existent
But I dream of her all the time
She's not real
Yet I see her everyday

I fall in love everyday
And it's so surreal
That every word and rhyme
Bring me nothing closer to anyone

I dream of a girl that flies
With golden hair and wings
I dream of a girl ...

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Ashlee, Your'Re A Angel

A new day to write about
A new moment to lie about
I am sick of fighting blind
I am sick of not getting mine
But the remains are dust now
And my eyes are rusting now
The part of me that cares is
Screaming so loud that you can't hear the sounds
Of a mother that forgets to check on her kids

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