Colorado Boots

Rating: 1.6

A pair of Colorado boots
were walking over bracken roots.
Wild pigs had covered the terrain
and caused the bracken so much pain.
They would be re-habilitated
and, once again, be vindicated
at being useful and alive.
They honkered down, position Dive.

You buy the shoe brand Colorado
at Walmart, down on Coronado.
And, as with so much Yankee stuff
it's made to look quite rough and tough.
The bracken was a hardy weed,
survived all wars and droughts, indeed.

But, as is often found there grows
among the bracken a rare rose.
That was the case when these tough boots
marched over all the hardy shoots,
and, as expected stomped upon
a violet, which well could stun
all flowers in Ohio woods.
It had, as some would say, the goods.

When Colorados stump on you
they ain't no ordinary shoe
but when they crush a violet
I would prefer they had not met.

Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 04 October 2005

Very nice! I like the imagery Herbert!

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Mary Nagy 04 October 2005

Such a nice contrast between those rugged boots and the beautiful violet........I really like this. sincerely, Mary

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