Comfort In Pain Poem by Scarlet .....

Comfort In Pain

Rating: 2.7

I was lost in numbness for years
I was running from pain
but then I became trapped in the freezing darkness
where I was constantly numb
I’d rather feel pain than nothing at all
pain with out reason
pain without cause
pain without love
it was all better then being numb
I am sick of feeling numb
I was lost in a world of numbness
show me a world I understand
pain is the only thing I know now
I can no longer feel anything but pain
this life is filled with pain
I now find comfort in pain
it is the only thing I can rely on
the only thing I can count on
it’s the one thing I understand
it is all I have
all I feel
for my life is filled with pain
pain is all there is left
when happiness doesn’t work

Hailey Evens 01 July 2007

I know what its like to be totally and absolutely numb, and I also know that pain is the anchor stopping me from being a zombie. Your poem expresses the words that I have felt for a long time now. Thank you for writing comfort in pain.

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fallen beauty 27 June 2007

Was this inspired by Pain-3dg...Anyway...This is very good...I liked it a lot. I can relate to a lot of your poems...Great Job...and thanks for the comment

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broken soul 16 June 2007

this is such a painful piece.. but in my case.. i think i rather feel numb.. than feel the pain.. write more..

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Edna Javelosa 15 June 2007

nice acknowledgment that there is 'comfort in pain'...'when happiness doesn’t work '..

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