Complaint Of The Millennium Poem by Nathan Coppedge

Complaint Of The Millennium

Rating: 5.0

'Dreams don't die, they died a long time ago.'

We left the red out because we're getting edited out,
Someone's snorting bone-dust
And the ocean is full of oil slick.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: complain,ecology,youth day
Someone had a question about something funny that expressed the sentiment of younger generations. What I found wasn't very funny. note, I have subsequently wondered if I un-consciously borrowed this poem from a poet working in Indiana, so I am not claiming full credit for this work. I wish I knew the original poet's name. I am also not sure the poems are identical. I have a very poor memory so it seems unlikely they are exactly the same poem. Most of my poems seem to be original. I make this note because of a paranoia that it does not sound like my poetic voice, but people may think it's funny I used this particular voice thinking it was me. I once heard a great poet say 'the best poems are made to be stolen', so if the original poet reads this, just keep in mind I mean posting this poem as a compliment not an abuse. I was concerned no one would get to hear this poem if the poet lives in Indiana. It's rare but whoever wrote this is a poet worth imitating, and if I had a link to their book I would recommend it.
Kingsley Egbukole 18 December 2019

The effect of development on the ecosystem...10. Please kindly check my poems HOPE and THE BEAUTY OF DEATH and leave your comments and rating

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O POET ME POET 18 December 2019

okay nice read it but why leave out red its the most sought after colour have you read my moms smiles may poet

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