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The only problem is, we don't know.
Everything else can be determined.
Good things in life = good god.
Bad things = bad god.

Do not follow in the footsteps of the
master, master
His garden is no humble pasture-

I stopped calling things eachother
long before I knew
I’d found a way between the walls
where I could always go—

There's only a handful of forms
In the moonlight kept all in tether
The people laugh and they shake their heads
They ask me about the weather


A song for every avenue?
A desert where the rain-cloud comes
A parched land where no needle hides
A harsh land where seeds are buried

Under the preponderant clouds
wishing mist on the outskirts of cities
The crowd roves and raves
Speaking with the hearts of dead men

crooked finger, stalling star
light of bottoms, branching bear
the fullest approbation of the far
where yet it hurries on the near

Follow light, and you will be pursued by dark.

Follow dark, and you will escape the light.


I’ve known lust since I was born
for pangs that carry on the air—
droplet notes and woman-song—
deeply sugars for the just-begun.

Black may in some sense contain stars like dust—

Red may contain extra heat—

(Higgs for everyone) .
Solid shapes, like the Higgs.
Dark surrounding shapes, partly clear, the approach to denser matter.
(Take a fringe of the julipse tree) .

A box of tissues is soaked through
A pink hand written, unbesmirched
by any deeply blue

Planches of starlight, creases of fear
Worry the lost, teach the year
Press the cost, preach the air
Formula lost, year to year

Like a lark in a cage
—Like a shot
Between the eyes—
Where an old woman dies



'Dreams don't die, they died a long time ago.'

We left the red out because we're getting edited out,
Someone's snorting bone-dust

Suffice a cubic wood
a step beyond less real
the moment all itself


To humans, things fall in pairs
This supplies an order to the world
Supplanting what we most desired
Supplanting God’s symmetrical absurd

The commissioned road widens /

As though paved by gold

Nathan Coppedge Biography

QUOTES AND POEMS BY NATHAN COPPEDGE Nathan Coppedge (b.1982) , is a philosopher, artist, inventor, poet, and member of the international honor society for philosophers. A prolific author with over 100 books published on Amazon, he is a perpetual motioneer, famous quotable. and internationally-selling artist. A one-time member of Tesla Society UK online and PESWiki, and founder of many Facebook groups, he lives near Yale University. I have a wide variety of quotes which may be more famous than my poetry, so one option is to view the quotes page. His poetry and artwork has appeared in the small-print publication THESE Magazine, his own self-printed 'chapbook' collection, called Inverse Threads (2004) , and the Library of Congress copyrighted poetry book Creeping Cadence and Cadence Continues (2013) . Nathan Coppedge is best-known as a social media author and perpetual motion inventor. BIOGRAPHY: I am one of two sons of divorced parents. My father is a political scientist with a Yale PhD, and my mother is a college valedictorian, homemaker and nurse with a BA in history. Other members of the family have been interested in computer programming and midwifery, and both my grandfathers are engineers. Although I am equally interested in many other areas, poetically I am an Urban Romantic, modern with classical roots. I'm influenced by Roethke's theory of stressed syllables, Dickinson's energetic abstraction, Coleridge's 'sense' for sentences, and Blake's imagery. I have published widely, including the poetry books listed below. I also have been quoted in Book Forum and the Hartford Courant in relation to philosophy, and I am a member of the International Honor Society for Philosophy. I have a wide variety of quotes which may be more famous than my poetry, so one option is to view the quotes page. I also recommend visiting to view my perpetual motion webpage and a wider selection of publications.)

The Best Poem Of Nathan Coppedge

God In The Box

The only problem is, we don't know.
Everything else can be determined.
Good things in life = good god.
Bad things = bad god.
It might not be the real god.
Then we can blame the god in the box.

Its a philosophy game to play god in the box
the unseen cause that movens the spheres
the secret answer that no living man knows
if a man has ears let him hear:
its music that issues from god-in-the-box.

Its a dilittante's game to play god in the box
he shows you some colors that move you to paint
a canvas. Brilliant they say, and all you respond
'Its art for art's sake. Talk to god-in-the-box! '

Its a novelist's game to play god in the box
you ask them why, and they reply sotto voce
'A character's game is a novelist's choice'

Its a human game, this god-in-the-box
but you ask any one and he says that he's lost.

But even that answer comes from god-in-the-box!

- April 23-24 2006

Nathan Coppedge Comments

sounds really great. you are showing your emotions nice. you will have great future in poetry. i invite you to read my poems. as a friendly look.

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Zoila T. Flores 29 May 2014

I like it! Did not impact me as in Spanish, however, sounds interesting. Good Job! And of curse I'm at Poemas del too. Thanks.

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Nathan Coppedge 28 March 2014

New book released, titled The Old Incantations. Poems by Nathan Coppedge. Available on Amazon.

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Nathan Coppedge Quotes

'Everyone believes in God, the devil, or a sneaky engineer'

'Metaphor is the ladder to higher systems'

'Categories are the standard of standardization'

'While they (other inventors) were floundering, he was pondering / 'No more wandering through the dark tunnels of grim determination / For no; it is time to grow in a thousand folded folds / For which we need an infinite fuel (such as perpetual motion) ''

'The ideal aperture (to philosophy) is with miscellany'

'The outer universe might be the inner universe, and the inner universe might be the outer universe, and there is nothing dividing these things. Either there is continuity or there is not, and in either case the universe is continuous or it isn't. Either case is expressed as an objective philosophical fact.'

'Two locations require a common application, and two applications require a common location. Apparently, there is continuity or there is not'

'I'm tempted to think that sadism is an economic problem, in the larger sense of the word'

'The world is clockwork in the distance. Existential vibe.'

'Matter is meaning, in whatever form it takes. In effect, things become more meaningful the more we have a capacity to interpret them. It is up to us to determine if the meaningful is meaningless.'

'Because I am looking for a system that does not lack qualities...'

'Life needs a subject, so it needs an intermedium'

'An artist is the subject of life. Consequently, life can be designed.'

'Context is a fulfillment application.'

'Objective knowledge is like math with qualities.'

'It's the deadest thing to say. But my form of inspiration is mechanical.'

'Some would compare intelligence to a miracle the way I compare a fortune to madness.'

'Time is a material abstractification.'

'There are higher forms of madness like there are higher forms of silver.'

'If there is no volition, it is a failure of dimension, if not perspective. I'm led to believe that one of the categories of volition is abstraction (I don't mean pejoratively. That is, insofar as abstraction doesn't have to be a game) .'

'Time travel is possible in any exceptional-conditional reality of that type'

'Problematics does not provide ultimate solutions'

'[W]hat is necessary... is finding relevance for the development within the formalism.'

'[New Formalism may be applied to business in five steps: ] A. What is the formalism? B. How to apply it? C. What is the big idea? D. What is the context? E. What is the epiphany? '

'(In philosophy and mathematics,) Nothing is formal everything.'

'Form is (inherently) coherent. What is incoherent is coherently incoherent. I find this to be a rule of nature.'

'Realities are immunities.'

'Problems are isomorphized.'

'Problems are not global.'

'Ideals are not idealizations.'

'There are objective qualities and mathematical anomalies.'

'I am a citizen of an unknown place. I wonder where it belongs? '

'The concept is an endless ladder.'

'Preservation is very easy now, so the focus should be on pure ideas. Some realize this, but at the same time, few have realized it in their art... [M]any have opted to be stonewalled by the relationship between meaning and representation.'

'The Bible is a book of luck. Whoever disagrees with this view is going to have a hard time.'

'I am the most specialized of pure generalists that I know. More abstract would be more extreme, but it would also be more empty.'

'I found a system without math! '

'Representational reality is virtual reality.'

'Preferring subjectivity over death is still absolutism.'

'[C]ompleteness. It was the most outrageous fact - - the kind of fact some authors have mistaken for death.'

'Somewhere beyond the exercise of the imagination...was an outer boundary...Every question appertained to it.'

'The symbol of everything belonged anywhere'.

'Metaphysics granted me that all were variables'.

'Practical advice was the domain of a scripted set of perfections'.

'Imagination could live there if it's whole point was not to be dangerous. But the merest hint of adventure, and the mind would snap, and the subject would not longer be practical'.

'Not only practicality was perfect'.

'Nihilism was the conviction that a person was no more than a value'.

'Successful religions are subtle annihilations- -the apocrypha of nihilists... Successful people use value as neutral currency, in this sense becoming profoundly immoral'.

'Imagination can be a force of politics when it is seen that it is imagination doing the computation'.

'Perhaps, I thought, I was having an absurd religious experience'.

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