Nathan Coppedge

Veteran Poet - 1,315 Points [Asceticurus] (10/23/1982 / New Haven, CT)

Nathan Coppedge Poems

1. That House 3/21/2014
2. Le Contrarienne (English) 3/21/2014
3. Phantoms 3/22/2014
4. Transgression 3/22/2014
5. Maya, Frozen In Your Cage, You Are Immortal 5/29/2014
6. A Desert Of Aridity 5/29/2014
7. Dryads 5/31/2014
8. A Philosophical Web 6/5/2014
9. The Eliadics 6/6/2014
10. Obscure Humor Poem / Severance 6/6/2014
11. A Hectic Word For A Hectic World, Part Indefinite 6/6/2014
12. Windcombomb: A Humorous Dickinsonian Poem 3/21/2015
13. Sing, Silently, Sing 5/5/2015
14. Flytrap Haiku 5/16/2015
15. The Song Of The Brain 10/8/2015
16. 2nd Song Of The Brain 12/8/2015
17. Four Lemmas Poem 12/8/2015
18. The Idea: Meaning And Mastery 1/6/2016
19. Natural Regen 1/8/2016
20. Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Poem 1 1/28/2016
21. Ode To Dimensions 10/12/2016
22. The Metamorphosis 12/18/2016
23. The Urban Romantic 1/2/2017
24. The Dream With The Master 3/31/2017
25. String Theory And Quantum Linguistics Poem 4/1/2017
26. Parsimony 4/21/2017
27. Ghost Poem 5/3/2017
28. Cause Of Ghosts 5/3/2017
29. Self-Piety 5/19/2017
30. Dozo 5/20/2017
31. Idealized Quantum Mechanics 5/26/2017
32. Peddlebery Poem 8/30/2017
33. The Antifaustus 9/8/2017
34. A Poem On The Dawn Of History- - 9/8/2017
35. Song Of The Succubus 10/26/2017
36. Sex And Death- A Pain 10/31/2017
37. The Lucid Elysium 11/7/2017
38. How Can You Claim To Be A Higher Being Anyone 11/26/2017
39. The Children's Story -new- 12/7/2017
40. Border Soul 1/10/2015

Comments about Nathan Coppedge

  • Amir Mohammad Islami Chalandar (6/8/2014 6:56:00 AM)

    sounds really great. you are showing your emotions nice. you will have great future in poetry. i invite you to read my poems. as a friendly look.

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  • Zoila T. Flores Zoila T. Flores (5/29/2014 9:53:00 PM)

    I like it! Did not impact me as in Spanish, however, sounds interesting. Good Job! And of curse I'm at Poemas del too. Thanks.

  • Nathan Coppedge Nathan Coppedge (4/13/2014 1:37:00 PM)

    I don't just have poetry books released, I have over fourteen titles on subjects ranging from fiction to philosophy: http: // or search Amazon for nathan coppedge.

  • Nathan Coppedge Nathan Coppedge (3/28/2014 1:11:00 PM)

    New book released, titled The Old Incantations. Poems by Nathan Coppedge. Available on Amazon.

Best Poem of Nathan Coppedge

God In The Box

The only problem is, we don't know.
Everything else can be determined.
Good things in life = good god.
Bad things = bad god.
It might not be the real god.
Then we can blame the god in the box.

Its a philosophy game to play god in the box
the unseen cause that movens the spheres
the secret answer that no living man knows
if a man has ears let him hear:
its music that issues from god-in-the-box.

Its a dilittante's game to play god in the box
he shows you some colors that move you to paint
a canvas. Brilliant they say, and all you respond
'Its ...

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That House

I grew beyond the reaches of the floors
Beyond the bounds themselves bound
by their binded doors

I knew beyond the reaches of this house
lay one painted with a mingling paint
fastened against this new-found

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