Do Not Follow In The Footsteps Poem by Nathan Coppedge

Do Not Follow In The Footsteps

Rating: 5.0

Do not follow in the footsteps of the
master, master
His garden is no humble pasture-

It is a place of wild magic, magic
it is laid barren.

Do not venture into that garden, garden
its river has a bitter flavor
and its doors are guarded.

Do not go over the garden hedge
to find a woman or a monster-

Heaven is everywhere under the sun
and hell is a road unguarded.

Do not go into the rabbit-hole
beneath the drinking moon
the tunnels there are fabulous
but there's an end to every one.

Do not go lightly into the neighbor's
and if there's no light, its better to

Do not follow the sheep that
stray from every fold:
They're looking for a better cliff
to plunge, and leave this world.

Do not take heart of words that are held
in shame
When the day is done a name is no foul

Across the frozen pond you may
have found another house
Let's say you flew and didn't fall,
or found a clever way around.

Even if you found a spouse
even if you found a happier home
would they welcome a wanderer
from the dark?

Friday, March 21, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: madness
Before I built an over-unity device, I fantasized about developing an enigmatic poetic personality. To some extent, this still continues.
A B Faniki 22 September 2019

A brilliant and articulated poem worth of applaud by all. Thanks for sharing I enjoyed this piece

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Dr Antony Theodore 08 June 2017

not venture into that garden, garden garden hedge Heaven is everywhere under the sun rabbit-hole moon, sheep, cliff, would they welcome a wanderer from the dark? So many points i found in this poem……. Thank you very much dear poet. tony

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Nathan Coppedge 14 October 2017

Thanks so much for commenting.

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Dutendra Chamling 08 December 2015

Wonderful poem...................!

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Kim Barney 26 November 2014

Very profound, an absolute masterpiece! Deserves to be Poem of the Day some day.

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Chuy Amante 28 May 2014

Nathan, this is an epic piece of philosophical poetry! Probably understood by only poets like thee (and me? ? !) Get back in gear, lots for you to add here AAA+++

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