Rosi Caswell

Completion - Poem by Rosi Caswell

As she sank gratefully into the cool, marshmallow fluffiness of her bed, her headache began to disperse like softly blowing clouds in a scudding wind, and she drifted off to sleep to allow the flow of both Healing and life to take her where it may.

Within this resolution, lies the knowledge of self-awareness, and the need to go with the flow of life, not fighting against the current, for she knows that within and without of this concept comes true “control” of her life, and likewise her ability to show others this path.

She knows that by standing in her truth, parallel to others, enables them also to stand in their own space and truth, and the balance of Humans, Beasts and Universe can be achieved only in this way.

Her mind continues to drift, reaching out for the Universal wisdom and enlightenment, as her body pursues its own warm comfortable path of regeneration and rebirth, as it sleeps.

Her Mind Energy is now completely free to roam the Universe at will, to span any dimension of its choosing; for here in this space she is not tied to only one life in her current physical vehicle, but is liberated to joyfully transcend any or all, dimensions of her choosing.

Time is not an issue, for on these levels the essence of time simply “is”, not being measured in any linear form as on the physical life plain, gives her spirit the free rein of all time and all dimensions.

She finds to her delight, that she can traverse the Universe in what amounts to a split second of “linear” time; the fetters and shackles of physicality do not abound here, and she finds that anything is possible.

She experiments, and rejoices in the confirmation of facts she has known since time immemorial, and love such as cannot be found on the heavy physical plane, which set her free to travel and embrace the Universe at will; such love she yearns and sighs for, in the knowledge that whilst she is tied to the earth plane in her heavy body, she will catch glimpses only of this love which defies description, and which she becomes more reluctant to leave each time it embraces her.

She awakens, at some time of which she knows nought, saddened, but refreshed also, by the wondrous sights and feelings she has experienced, over who knows what distance, and what time.

Each time her soul flies free, she moves nearer to completeness and oneness of Universe and “Self”, and she glides happily through her current lifetime, in the sure and certain knowledge of complete freedom, when her tasks are complete, and her lessons learned for Eternity.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I am an Animal Whisperer, Animal Human Therapist, and Metaphysical Counsellor. My writings encompass all subjects within these areas. I aim to provide something for everyone to take away from any or all of my poems and sayings. Much Love and Peace to all. Rosi X

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, December 1, 2013

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