Suraj Samtani

Conditions Of Affection

I wonder if there's any such thing as UNconditional love.

all there is, is just obligatory affection.

Relatives love you, because they have to.

There's just this implicit obligation, and expectation, to

love your kids

love your parents

love your siblings

love your extended families....

there's just no choice.

There's not much difference when it comes to friendship;

friends now, collegues before.

collegues, those who shared that same course as you.

you had something in common,

and so there was that implicit obligation...

to maintain a healthy relationship,

with those who you work with.

if you don't,

a big deal is made.

if you break it,

an even bigger deal is made.

so are friends' love really unconditional?

I'm just thinking about you...

you ain't a friend.

you ain't a relative.

yet, why do i get such an overwhelming shower of love from you?

afterall, who am i to you?

why do you make me feel so special?

its the first time...that i've ever received,

such unconditional love.

i just hope this is not a dream.

that conditions won't soon be imposed.

will you soon look at my reputation?

will you soon look at my carreer?

will you soon look at my social circle?

There's always a doubt here.

because it is just too good to be true.

Now i realise,

that a love from a 'stranger' is often the purest form of love.

if you consider humanity grounds, then there is definitely no such thing...

as UNconditional love.

but since, not many follow life humanely.

I consider you, to be my best stranger.

I love you, o stranger.

and Please. don't become a friend.

for there are always implicit obligations involved.

you are soon judged,

on how well you're maintaining the friendship.

& I don't want that.

I just want have the purest love of all.

& that can only be done with you,

my love.

Let this affection have no name.

Let this affection see no shame.

Let our relation see no boundries

of time,

of space,

of matter.

just, let us continue to share this love...forever.

now I cannot ask you to promise. for even then, you would be conditioned,

to the promise made.

so let there be no grounds, no boundries.

and let us fly together in the world of nothing-ness,

devoid of our human forms.

let there just be...the meeting of two souls.

Even souls, since perceived & conceived by humans,

are limited.

so let us be together, in what man may never have conceived of.

that my love, is UNconditional love, which is just impossible in today's world.

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Poem Edited: Tuesday, December 9, 2008

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Comments about Conditions Of Affection by Suraj Samtani

  • Estrella Baldemosa (5/10/2008 8:46:00 PM)

    wow...this piece conveys my poem unfragmented...thanks!

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