Masks Of Superiority Poem by Suraj Samtani

Masks Of Superiority

Rating: 5.0

Our identities are masked by our skin and hair,
Sadly, we can just never be truly bare.

We haven't seen ourselves truly, Yet
We are labeled the superior species duly.

Our beauty is tainted, & now
Our divinity has fainted.

Experiencing nature through shades,
Is to have our freedom stalled by raids.

These raids are by our own perception,
Through its unique shade of illusion.

Being both, victim and perpetrator,
Of our own drama we too are the director.

Driven by our voids and fears,
We reflect ourselves on our peers.

Molding our surroundings as the blame for our issues,
We assume a turgid ego needless of any tissues.

Yet from others we expect the truth,
One which will escape us from our ruth.

Oblivious to reality we continually remain,
Yet still somehow striving to be sane.

With no desire to escape this trance,
Our societal acceptance complements our prance.

O pray, our skin will soon be transparent,
O pray, The Wisdom will soon be inherent.

Kendzi Samuel 17 July 2011

U must be a philosophic poet or something. Nice write up, captures the condition of most human minds. Please read my poem 'Ready to learn' or another and tell me what U think.

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir 17 July 2011

Nice poem composed with vivid imagery. I liked the theme very much. Kudos to your skill. Keep it up. I rated it 10. Thanks for sharing..... I shall be highly obliged if you please read and rate my poem 'A busy street' on page 1. Warmest regards Akmal

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