Jayeeta Shamsul

Confessions Of An Arabian Tent - Poem by Jayeeta Shamsul

I am an enormous tent of Arabia,
I contain amity of ambrosia,
I am replete with nostalgia,
I love people’s charisma.
I am a shelter on barren desert,
I am sympathy on caravan’s heart,
I am a whisper, someone muttered,
I am the lost beauty, one smoldered.
I was the home of Arabian sheikhs,
I saw grueling camels, restless;
I gave shelter to caravans,
I was in love with Arabians.
I worshiped the sages of Arabia,
I witness Arabian nights of insomnia,
I've seen stars with gypsy star-tellers,
I've known my flaws with strange travelers.
I’m allured by belly-dancers,
I’m enamored by harlots;
I’m the lost harem,
Where kings love to overwhelm
Themselves in own realm.
I love the eternal sands,
I love to see people holding hands,
I love to sleep with sirens.
I am the queen of desert
Suddenly discovered.
I’m an epic someone published.
I am a room of sins,
A home to gins,
And for caravans, an inn.
I've seen the tribal prostitutes,
I've experienced their sorrows,
I’m hawk’s flight over the desert,
I’m falcon’s gaze, very pernicious.
I am a mirage of dreams,
I am an oasis on horizon’s rim.
I am a canopy over traveler’s heads,
The sky made canopy over my head.
People exchanged hearts inside me,
I experienced love-making with the sky.
I've sent love letters to the sky;
Sky blessed me with lovely people inside.
I am a nest of love,
I won’t blame if you amour,
I won’t call you a whore if you adore
Someone, just for one night.
Take a pause and enjoy your life,
Casting away the strife.
Bath in the sweetness of ambrosia,
I’m saying you, the tent of Arabia.
I love the rings of hookah smoke,
I inhale the aroma of date juice,
I observe the veil of desert lass,
I enjoy the life to the fullest.
I am a luxurious tent,
I lave cushions to plunge,
Curtains to cringe,
And beauties to tinge.
I am home of Arabian philosophers,
A harem of belly dancers,
A nest of globe-trotters,
An abode of Arabian empires.
I wish I were an Arab Bedouin,
Would ride on the horses with sand’s chime,
Would become a rebel on earth,
Ignoring the desert’s wrath.
I want to wander,
On nature’s splendor,
I don’t want to stand still,
Only for caravans to relax and chill.
I shall drink camel’s milk,
I shall visit the souk,
And drop my veil of silk.
I shall accept the danger,
And make love to a stranger.
I will break the shackles of norms,
Leaving my address to the storms.
I will be an Arab rebel on earth,
You have to accept me without any grudge.
I love to confess,
I love to confront,
I love to confide,
I love to cogitate,
And make you all stimulate
To my tunes!
Suddenly I rediscovered myself on the sand dunes! !

Poet's Notes about The Poem

It's an enchanting poem based on a luxurious Arabian tent. The tent is personified here. Read on...

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, November 24, 2013

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