Contractor Contraction Poem by Deanna Samuels

Contractor Contraction

A small project to be carried out,
a contractor to be hired
Go and look into the local ads,
sure to find a handy guy.
One thought!

Not such an easy task,
too many developments being built,
houses mushrooming overnight,
all so busy
can hardly fit a yardstick in.

At last, a contractor found
deems to come, look, quote.
Agreement made, a date is fixed
Preparations in house carried out,
excitement rises

Oh dear! Dashed on the day
no show
A phone call hours later
emergency arose
will be there on the morrow

The morrow comes - and goes,
morale deflates
A message left - will come next week
The same process of prep,
much trepidation felt

Well, contractor comes as he had said
works through the day with gusto,
task is taking shape.
Just overlook the dirt and dust,
confidence rekindled

One more day should see job through
Then a good clean up
and life would be back to normal.
But no, hopes dashed,
contractor says back end of week

End of week comes and goes
frustration really mounting.
Midweek call, be there in morn
no show once more,
a feeble reason

Routine of promises to finish job
becomes the general norm
More days go by.
Surprise! contractor arrives at door
and worked an hour or more

Very little left to do and
one more shift could do the trick!
Will he, won't he?
Goodness - actually turns up!
Completes the project - he thinks

Checked over completed work
‘touch-ups' and quality finishing needed.
Assurances given - be back next day - and was!
Did all tasks and promptly presented account.
Settlement made; breathed a sigh of relief.

It was certainly a contractor contraction affair
Though patience won the day without explosion
Keep cool, keep calm
is the best way to go
But such a headache for so small a project.

Written at Courtice, Ontario - 24th July 2021

Friday, July 30, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: works,contract,mess,patience,calm
Experiences from a recent project carried out. Patience and keeping cool only way to go!
Deanna Samuels

Deanna Samuels

London, England
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