Controlling Grain To Dominate And Manipulate Poem by Gert Strydom

Controlling Grain To Dominate And Manipulate

With Russia at war with the entire Ukraine
missile-ships and submarines do continually fire.
With bringing famine Putin raises great ire
and blocked is the export of its grain,

while Russia is known to break its word again,
to control the food of the world it do aspire
do Wagner mercenaries as more military hire
Putin do as a criminal to the world remain:

he tries to manipulate and dominate.
Russia is far beyond terrible at farming
and it seems they do at suffering elate,
financially this war the world is harming

and still stuck in the stupid Soviet way
as before totalitarian Russia does stay.


In the Luhansk Oblast in Starobilsk,
Russian occupation authorities are
coercing people to begin
collective farming schemes

and those that do participate in this,
are being forced
to take Russian citizenship.

During this time
in the Ukraine in the Zaporitzhia region
grain is being transported to Russia
by train from the city of Melitopol
and also from the Luhansk Oblast.

The head of RT media
the Russian English news network,
Margarita Simonyan states
on 2 June 2022 that:

'Russia and Putin is convinced
that the famine caused by Russia's
warship blockade in grain will force
the entire world to lift sanctions
to stop the effects of global famine.'

In the midst of this crises
both Poland and Romania are
rebuilding their railway-tracks
to be able to transport
huge amounts of grain by train.

A May intelligence report
warns that the influence arm of the Kremlin
have a propaganda disinformation operation going
that is aimed at the United states of America,
and other sources say a similar operation is aimed at Germany, France and Italy.

Russian state media outlets and its proxies
try to paint the Western support for Ukraine
as the reason the war is dragging on,
as the reason that there is a famine
that is hitting the world and causing
world-wide food prices to rise.

Here in South Africa officially we stand neutral
towards the Russian war in the Ukraine,
but behind the scenes are supporting Russia
and the president Cyril Ramaphosa has recently
spoken to Putin to get grain
and other food and fertilizers

from Russia for South Africa
and other African countries
and this conversation took place
in the context of BRICKS discussion
that is taking place

and we are in an unholy alliance
as a member of BRICS
which are Brazil, Russia, China,
India and South Africa
where the other countries tacitly
do support Russia.

Gert Strydom

Gert Strydom

Johannesburg, South Africa
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