Each One Of Us Is Unique Poem by Gert Strydom

Each One Of Us Is Unique

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Each one of us is unique
and no person
is really the same,
but we copy others
and long for better and more
and try to be like others
who are successful and happy
and the example that we set
tells where our interests
really are.

There is one role model
that’s perfect
in every way
and with my eyes
set on Him,
I will not falter
when life’s biggest
challenges come.

[Reference: “For I have set you an example, that you also should do as I have done to you.” John 13: 15.]

Emmet Bradbury 15 September 2020

People try to act the way others do but god sees us perfect just the way we are in our on ways. If god sees me perfect he thinks everyone around me is perfect.

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Nolan O’Sullivan 16 September 2020

We may look different with different backgrounds and interests but we are all human beings that should be respected and treated equally under the eyes of God.

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Delroy Cofie 16 September 2020

The author is saying that no one is the same and we are all unique and Jesus sees all of us as perfect.

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Ryan Murray 16 September 2020

People are different but they try to copy other people. But in the eyes of god you are perfect. You may not see that be he does

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Jay Remley 16 September 2020

This poem really tells how everyone has bad parts about them

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Eliott Lopez 21 September 2020

He is saying that everyone is different in there own ways and that sometimes we copy others

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Duncan Crowley 20 September 2020

What I think the author is trying to say is even though we are all different we try to be like others. all though we’re all equal in different ways and the “Him” in this poem is referring to God. But personally I don’t see how its about equality.

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Brandon Oliwa 18 September 2020

The author of this poem is trying to tell us that no two people are the same and we sometimes copy each other, but under the eyes of God we are all perfect in our own ways.

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Marcus Woo 17 September 2020

The author is trying to tell us that no two people are the same but we all try to achieve the same thing, success, which puts us all in the same boat.

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Max Ormond 16 September 2020

What the author is trying to say about equality is that we are all equal in the way we all are children of god but we are all very different regardless.

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Gert Strydom

Gert Strydom

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