Conversations Of Bobbie Jane Gaudette

Bobbie Jane Gaudette seethed with the deepest denial!
How could he leave her?
So frustrated with what he had done.
No hero to her -
Just the man who left.
Now he ws permanently back.
She had only accidently discovered his return.
Just one of the countless victims of the 'Crawford Con'.
Bobbie Jane desperately wanted answers.
Endless questions.
Why did he leave her?
Why away so long?
What about their plans to share?
What about their plans for family?
Walking forcefully through the entrance.
Searching him out.
Then, just standing there before him.
Asking all her anticipated questions and more.
She was determined to wait for answers.
Waiting patiently until sundown.
The only responses were a distant mockingbird,
And the crisp breeze through the blood red Turk's Cap blooms.
Bobbie Jane vowed to still keep returning for answers.
Finally, it was time again to leave through the gates of Arlington National Cemetery!

Chuck Audette 27 April 2006

Great twist to the poem and sharp political commentary. -chuck

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Brian Dorn 27 April 2006

Hubert, an all too familiar scene, but handled brilliantly... difficult subject matter with so many questions and so few answers. Nicely done!

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