Cooper Poem by Jim Yerman


We first saw Cooper on our morning walk…and had the chance to meet
when, with tail wagging, he ran up to us as we walked along the street.

We imagine he ventured from his yard…deciding instead his neighborhood to roam…
then got lost and was trying unsuccessfully to find his way back home.

Luckily he had his dog tag on when up to us he came…
It's how we knew immediately that Cooper was his name.

His address and phone number were also there…yes his dog tag had it all…
So…while I happily petted Cooper…Deborah made the call.

After drinking a bowl of water at our house Cooper finally made it home…
I wonder if he'll be so quick tomorrow…his neighborhood to roam?

As I watched Cooper and his owner reunited…thank us
then walk off together as happily…
I thought isn't what just happened the very definition of humanity?

To come to the aid of those in need…to be like their umbrella in the rain…
To help in anyway we can…to give food and drink and shelter…
to try and ease their pain?

Which makes me wonder what has changed about the world out there in front of me
what has happened to the human race…to our humanity?

I'm not saying humanity is dead…it's not…I think we're all agreed
there are many people who care about others…who will help anyone in need..

But humanity has been injured…wounded…which makes it bittersweet.
What if the answer lies with Cooper…a dog we met out on the street

Wouldn't humanity be enhanced…if everyone across every land
had a hand in helping anyone who needs a helping hand?

I imagine we'd cherish human life a little more
If everyone treated everyone they see…
the way we treated Cooper
and I imagine…Cooper would agree.

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