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Corn Grinders

Rating: 2.9

O little mouse, why dost thou cry
While merry stars laugh in the sky?

Alas! alas! my lord is dead!
Ah, who will ease my bitter pain?
He went to seek a millet-grain
In the rich farmer's granary shed;
They caught him in a baited snare,
And slew my lover unaware:

Alas! alas! my lord is dead.
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Suratha Kumar Rout 08 September 2019

A beautiful creation of 'Nightingale of India'. Thanks. 10++++

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Akash 30 December 2018

Nice he kbccxssyhhhgcxdfghjknbvcxssfhhjnbvczzdghjjnvccfghhhbbnjjhhbvbbb

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Michael Lasalle 19 July 2012

The emphasis placed upon the pinnacle capability are the pinpoint inclinations that bring the meaning to life, it feels as if the reader steps into another realm, that of a creative motive formed from a childhood memory. Such a meaning brings youth and wisdom to the forefront by examining loss as a motive for existence. And what is small or insignificant to some people may be a treasure to others. This poems strikes the emphasis on judgement IMO. It is no one's place to look down upon another. Lighthearted, crafty, brilliant.

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