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I saw

In a slot of window

Far off the distant hill-
Flows zigzag down and down,
Slows en route, its journey below,
Humps obstruct her, feeble flow.

After the rainfall
From the sky, clouds are gone.
And the Earth shining
In the golden rays of the Sun.

There comes a time

When flowers

Its beauty amazing-

Lures the bees,

The Lily and her Moon-

One the princess of beauty

As the moon rises

The lily with pale,

When a kid

Jumps off her belly

How strange is this world

With so many strange people

Kings would never know

They have a state

But, alas!

Meeting and parting,

A beloved

Has got him back

As the moon sets

In the horizon

For a moment or two,

Its beauty and hue-

A gift of nature
Having tiny wings,
That glitter and shine

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On A Full Moon Day

I saw

In a slot of window

The round, silvery

Face of yours.

You look

Like a princess

Of the Kingdom of the sky

Among the maids, the stars.

In the moon lit night

Each flower glitters

And the Earth looks silvery

In your shiney rays.

Suratha Kumar Rout Comments

Subhas Chandra Chakra 10 November 2017

Your contribution to the world of poetry as a teenager is immense. I wish every success in your poetic walk ahead.

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 26 September 2017

This is another instance of creating a beautiful poem. Keep reading and composing. Thanks for the effort.

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Biswa Ranjan Nayak 23 September 2017

Thanks dear for searing your poem with us.

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 22 September 2017

You made your debut effort successful dear poet, starting with a very delicate topic. Your description is amazing. Keep reading in addition to composing. Thanks for the nice poem.

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D Priyanka Singh 22 September 2017

Your debut effort shows the hidden poetic talent in you. The path of poetry is surely a golden one. I wish you would excel in getting there, in the front bench of this zone. Of course you would require a good deal of reading great poets old, modern and classical- each one will contribute to your poetic potency. Thanks a lot Surath for this benevolent attempt.

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