Corona's Death Tolls Are Gloomy And Scary Globally Poem by MOHAMMAD SKATI

Corona's Death Tolls Are Gloomy And Scary Globally

Corona absolutely prevails
Willing and unwillingly
Anywhere and everywhere
Without any tangible indications
To eliminate it soon,
Globally death tolls are absolutely
Scary, gloomy, and even unacceptable at all,
Many Corona's patients are admitted
To the hospitals on a daily basis,
There are not any funeral processions
As we used to have as a normal respect
To the dead in our normal days,
The disease has scared all people
To stay away fearing infections,
Life wholly has changed dramatically
With the Corona's phenomenon,
More and more people pass away
As a result of the pandemic,
Only death wins greatly while
Fear absolutely spreads badly,
More and more innocent people die of
Corona as a normal happening daily,
Daily funerals are not held openly, but
The dead's corpses are removed silently
Into wide and deep pits somewhere,
People's talks are only about
The cruel and mean virus everyday,
Eliminating and even removing the virus
Are faraway from being achieved soon,
Worried minds can not figure out
A pretty exit to get rid of
The nasty and mean monster while
The whole life gets sadder and sadder,
Daily pages of sadness are folded
With new pages of daily worries while
Medicine is faraway from finding
A suitable drug to the scary virus,
More and more graveyards are ready
To receive their new comers daily,
Our planet revolves as it does daily
While Corona reaps its daily fruits.

Corona's Death Tolls Are Gloomy And Scary Globally
Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: disease
Mohammad Skati 09 April 2020

We are all in a big ordeal. I appreciate your pretty comments. Thanks.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 08 April 2020

Day to day Corona's death trolls are increasing and this has provoked thought. We feel so sad about this issue but we have to fight with this virus. An amazing poem is very brilliantly penned.

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