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Corynebacterium Diphtheriae - Poem by Daya Nandan

Klebs-Löffler bacillus, the club shaped devil i know,
A sore throat, low fever and a pseudomembrane just waiting to show,
On the tonsils, pharynx, and/or nasal cavity, a milder form on skin,
A facultative anaerobic, gram-positive bacterium fucking you up from within,

It's non motile, non capsulated and non spore forming bacteria,
With gravis, mitis, intermedius and belfanti being the biotypes of Diphteria,
It's metachromatic granules which stain bluish purple with methylene blue,
A (+) diagnosis with K+ tellurite, blood agar and albert's stain spells pain for you,

A change of brown to black with brown black halo colonies on potassium tellurite,
Small gray granular irregular edged colonies, small hemolysis upon the blood agar's sight,
Blue/gray/purple cells after the Neisser/albert and bismark brown counterstain,
(+) ELISA, Immunochromographic strips, PCR, ELEK and loeffer's medium will explain

It infects through respiratory droplets and exudate from infected skin,
The presence of a tox+ phage/ (Beta lysogenic) makes it release it'e exotoxin grin,
Consisting of fragment A and fragment B, with a disulfide bond,
Fragment B binds to heparin binding EGF receptor making the cell surface a pond,

Fragment B dives in the cell's endosome internalized by the cytosol through endocytosis,
A trypsin-like protease breaks the endotoxin into A and B fragments that exist,
Acidity of the endosome causes fragment B to make pores in the endosome membrane,
Catalyzing the release of fragment A into the cell's cytoplasm of shame,

And Fragment A catalyzes ADP-ribosylation of elongation factor EF-2,
When there is ADP-ribosylation of EF-2 it prevents protein synthesis for you,
Cell death starts to occur, cytokines bring high vessel pemeability and fever,
Coagulation of exudates and fibrin networks form a grey psedomembrane to the receiver,

Obstructing airway edemas create stridor, higher respiratory rate, and shortness of breath,
Failure to breathe due to airway obstruction in diptheria brings about a horrid death,
Chills, fatigue, hoarseness, cough, headaches and so much more,
Know if it's Anterior nasal, faucial, tracheolaryngeal or malignant diptheria waging war,

Painful swallowing, difficulty breathing, bluish skin coloration and a nasty sore throat,
Rapid breathing, foul-smelling bloodstained nasal discharge as the doctor wrote,
Difficulty swallowing, lymphadenopathy, cranial and peripheral nerve palsies, so much more,
Cardiac arrhythmias, myocarditis kidney failure (gravis) and bladder problems all so sore,

The other symptoms shold be treated too, especially the ones blocking the airway path,
And the cardiac complications too for congestive heart failure can cause sudden death,
Don't delay tracheostomy in laryngeal diptheria for the patient can develop cyanosis,
The use of accessory respiratory muscles are indications for tracheostomy basis,

Check the patient's immunization status, use the power of the diptheria antitoxin,
Treat it with Metronidazole, Erythromycin, Procaine penicillin G, rifampin or clindamycin,
Know the types of diptheria be it Belfanti, intermedius, gravis or mitis,
Bring the patient out of hell and back on the ground to earth's oasis,

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